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How I Got 300MB Free From MTN – Get Yours Now

MTN offered me free 300mb this morning without me going under any stress. This megabyte is not the type that requires any app that serve as server to power it. It works very well on laptop and any mobile phone, but needs MTK mobile device for tweaking imei. I know as imei is mentioned, some will think it is difficult, no it is not. For all you need to do, is just to change your Android imei without sending any message to MTN and you will receive yours.

How To Get The 300MB For Free Of Charge

==>To get the data, tweak this imei 3584290648,
know it that when tweaking it, the total number of the imei will be 15, for new and old users new to imei tweaking,

Check here:How To Use Imei Analyzer For Better Tweaking Of Imei-For New & Old Users

==>Bonus: If you think, you are the first to see this post go ahead and use this imei ( 358429064866410 ) I tweaked it my self and trust me, if you are the first to use it, you will surely get the megabyte.

==>After successful tweaking, relax because, in this one, no message will be sent to MTN, the will detect your device once it has the above imei. So wait for a message that will say this on the screenshot below:

You are good to go if you get the message at once.
Note: The 300mb is lasting for 3 months and can be checked with this code *559*22#. If eventually you’av waited and no message was sent to you, just retweak and wait again. That’s all. Stay tuned because free 750mb for mtn that last for 3months will soon be updated.

Use the comment box below for any question.
And don’t forget to appreciate with your comment once you get yours.

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