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Another Reloaded MTN Free 750MB For Mobile Phones & Laptop/pc- Get Yours Now

This day is blessed as I will be unveiling another MTN free browsing that gives you a whooping 750 megabyte without any charge placed on it. I hope you guys enjoyed the last updated 600MB from MTN. If you enjoyed it, better and if you did not, here is another golden opportunity for you. If you have more than one sim like me, go ahead and get the megabyte on all of them. Am not greedy, l just did only five of my sims, lols. Get your imei Analyzer and your smart android ready for simple tweaking.

Before I proceed, the 750mb last for 3months and does not need any simple server of any sort to power it. Works perfectly on Laptop/Pc and all mobile phones that have access to the internet. You can as well share a connection through WiFi to any system, the choice is yours to make. Base on it working for all mobile, you have to get the megabyte first with MTK Android then switch over your sim to any mobile and browse with it.

How Can I Get The Free 750mb?
==> All you have to do, is to tweak this imei ( 352985052704168 ) change the last three or four digit.

==>Now goto your message box and send Mifi to 131 until you get a message. Below is the message sent to me from MTN when i got mine.

So yours will be the same as mine.

Also for MTN Free 3GB, it is still working perfectly, I know I have written a post on how to get it before. But you can still get it, using this fresh imei (866480019518068 ) just change the last three or four and send mifi to 131, you are good to go. Remember this one needs server to power it, and works on your PC and Android devices. For the server settings, check on older updates here in this blog and you will get the configurations. Kind of busy, but I will provide the link latter. Enjoy and invite friends to know about it also.

Any problem, use the comment box below. Thank you.