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How To Get Google AdSense Account Approved

Google Adsense has been the best when it comes to monetization or source of revenue for your online blogging. The Company has proven to be legit since the time past and recently. Because of how good they are, majority if not only bloggers go for it. So for most bloggers, it has been serving as a major source of income for their online business.

And due to the profitable platform Google ads runs, so many newbies or publishers tend to apply for partnership. But before Google Adsense team approves your website for monetisation, some requirements and procedures needs to be attended. And that is where so many get it wrong. This Article will guide you through on some of the best tips to get your application to Google Adsense Department, approved within few hours.

So many newbie face rejection or disapproval from Google adsense at the point of application. Incase you are among this set of persons, here are necessary things to do your site or blog before applying for adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is simply a monetizing Network platform where publishers or bloggers earn money by displaying Google recommended advertisement (ADS) either by text, image or via videos etc on your rich content blog website. Once your earning accumulate up to their minimum payout threshold ($100) or more, they will pay you through wire transfer, cheque and other means or method of online payment.

Google adsense approval tips
Google adsense approval tips

So as the title of this article stated, this post will be guiding everyone not minding the country you are reading this guide from, on how to get Google Adsense approved; first, by passing the stages of verification and then get the ads showing on your site or blog.

What to Add to your Website for Fast Google Adsense Approval 

No one likes Denial, so here are vital features to note and implement on your blog so as to have a better chance of approval or acceptance by Google Adsense monetizing team. Endeavor to fix and make some corrections through the guide below before applying again.

Blog/Site Design Matters

The first thing you should ask your self before applying for adsense is, whether your blog design is professional or not. If the site isn’t good enough, then make sure the design is made simple and good to any average mind. Don’t use header not matching your design, endeavor to complete the design, don’t leave some part of the site design unfinished.

Also, after you must have implemented all stated below and you have applied, then do not make any change until you get a success approval. This signifies that you are ready and set to have Google Adsense Team review your blog.

Create Pages For Privacy Policy, About And Contact

Ensure you create a privacy policy page containing Google AdSense rule. Also create a good About Us page with a well written description about your Niche or area of Blogging. It may be your objectives while you are providing/rendering the service to your fans and how it can benefit them.

Also create a Contact Us form or page because, it is very important and useful for users visiting your blog. It shows how committed you are to your fans because it will enable them contact you easily. It will as well give any visitor to your site the  ability to trust that you are for real and not a scammer. This as well, tell Google that you are in for mean business and not as a scammer.

  • For a privacy policy abiding by Google adsense rule, just get one crafted for your site by clicking HERE.

Get A Good Domain Name

The type of Domain you use matters a lot. So for better result, it is recommended you register a good domain name. Doing that will make your website standard to stand the chance of approval.

Gone are the days when one can apply with a subdomain and get approved easily. If you know you are running your blog on sub domain like Techbmc.WordPress.com or techbmc.blogspot.com, then you need a change to top domains like techbmc.com, or .Net etc. Although, you can still get sub domain verified, but the chances are very slim. You need not to give Adsense reason to say no to your application, so keep everything standard.

Number of Posts Created and Site traffic

What Should Be My Traffic Per Day And Number Of Posts Before Applying For Google Adsense? I hear so many newbie ask these questions while trying to apply for Google adsense so that they can make money from their online blogs. Below is my answer to the question;

There is no exact traffic or number of post stipulated by Google before one can apply for adsense. But to be at safer side and to clear the doubt of Google while reviewing your application, Ensure you must have created up to 60 to 70 posts not less than 400 words. Don’t copy and paste other people’s material on your site without proper editing or credit. let the created articles be free from plagiarism, ensure the articles are of good quality and understandable to any person reading them. Let it be something that one can read and come back again to the site.

Adsense is very sensitive to detect any form of plagiarism, so abstain from such. If not, you can never be accepted. And For traffic, ensure you are getting at least 70 to 100 page views per day before sending your application to Google.

Remove Other Ads from Site Before Applying for Google Adsense

Before Application to Google ads or on the process of waiting for verification, you should remove every other Ads from other network on your site. One may ask why? This is as a result of what I call jealousy. Google may not like other ads network running while they are reviewing any site. So remove the ads and after approval, you can still place those ads without anything bad happening.

Install Google Analytics Code to your site

Tracking your traffic requires Google analytics, so to get the code in which you can embed to your blog for such, all you need to do is to get your Google account details like password and User name for login.

Now Login to Google Analytics website with the google Account details. When you login, Click on Administrative and then +New Account under Account tab. You should Enter your website Name, URL, plus other details which are needed and Click on Get Tracking ID. To paste the code to your site, there is an instruction guide for that there. So do well to follow it accurately.

Should in case the instruction did not work out for you through the installation step of using code, then use this script instead of the default code from Google. But you have to replace CODE in the script with your given Google Analytic Tracking Code.

<script type=’text/javascript’>CODE</script>

Setup blog SiteMap

Your site MUST have this, whether you are applying for AdSense or not. Sitemap determines how your site get index by search engines. It arrange your blog posts for search engine to index them quickly. So once all your post are indexed, they will appear on search engines. To get started in creating yours, make use of Sitemap Generator. In case you are blogging on wordpress, install Google XML sitemaps and then create for your sitemap. of probably use Yoast SEO plugin.

Add Site to Google Search Console And Bing Webmaster Verification

You have to add your site to search engine, so starting with;

How to submit blog to Google Search Console Tool

Now, all you need to do first in order to add or apply for Google webmaster verification page, Just Log on to Google Webmaster Tools and then Click on Add a site.

In the box provided, make sure you enter your site URL correctly and then verify it using any method that suites you best. The methods are as follows,

  1. You can Verify by uploading an HTML file to the root of your Website.
  2. You can as well verify by Adding an HTML tag in the head section of your blog
    3. Adding a CNAME record to the DNS
    4. Verify using your Google Analytics account.
    5. Verify using your Google tag manager account.

So choose anyone that works better for you and verify your blog.
For those using Google blogger blog, usually, Google do verify theirs automatically. Now after the verification, Go to manage url and Add your blog sitemap and then you are good to go.

Add Site To Bing webmaster Tool

Almost the same thing with Google console verification. All you need to do, is to create account with Bing webmaster tool and then Add your website Name or URL, with sitemap and then verify through any method of your choice.


After all the set up above, the last is setting up a robot.txt file for your website. Create a nice one for your site. The work is to make search engines understand and index your post normally. This helps to build your traffic from search engines. For implementation of robot.txt and many more, you can read about it Here.

Haven done all these things above, you are good to go, so apply for AdSense with your real details intact. And then wait for a successful reply. Also abide by the Google AdSense rules and policy after approval, don’t place more than three ads on a page.

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