Google Adsense Revenue has been the best when you talk of earning online. Are you an online business man, running a website or blogger blog, you can testify about this. Although, other alternatives for earning which include infolinks, revenuehit,,, speedy ads, affiliate programs like konga, jumia etc, pays as well, but cannot be compared to what Google AdSense offers. Today, I will be showing you many tips on how I have been boosting my Google Adsense revenue and guess what, it is working like magic.

Adsense gives users many functions like section targeting, also how to remove low paying ads category, ad blacklist and so many other features that can be utilized by anyone using it, in order to give a significant boost to their Adsense income or earnings.

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Google Adsense Revenue Increment Tips:

Techbmc saw the need of coming up with this post, for upcoming bloggers and new users to Adsense, this tips here will go a long way in increasing your earnings automatically. Only what to do, is to read and understand the tips provided below and make sure you apply.

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Adsense sometimes works in a different dimension for different users, Some people earn more through text ads, while some through image ads. But for better usage and for high earning, I will encourage you to use both text and image ads. That of the ads that shows image pays via PPV and gains much for you.

   1.  First, is to follow the Google Adsense rules without leaving one behind
   2.  Choose a better and high paying Niche that you have passion for when siting for blog or site
   3.  Try to find your high ranking Keywords, ( you can use to find keywords)
   4.  Next, find out the Keyword density you just selected
   5.  Advised to Place adsense on the top of your blog page
   6. Make use of image and Text ads all together
   7.  Make Use of a non-standard types of ads
   8. Select the right and best Adense format for your blog design
   9.  Make use of Adsense for your search
   10.  Use multiple ad units
   11. You must have asked, how to change the color of your Google adsense to match your web site Palette ( always make your ads color match with your blog design)
   12.  Make Use of Adsense multiple Palettes
   13.  Make Use of horizontal link units (navbar, Above post)
   14.  Always do experiments with positioning of ads occasionally
   15.  Ad placement
   16. Making sure you Avoid borders on the ads
   17.  Turn low paying units into image only ads
   18.  Very important, Promote your site with Google Adword
   19.  Reduce the total number of out going links on your pages
   20.  Create multiple ad banners
   21.  Make Use of all possible Adsense features available
   22.  Always Choose the right ads for any content
   23.  Make sure your adsense are visible
   24.  Implement section targeting
   25. Make Your link units to be in hot spots where they can be seen easily by your visitors
   26.  Also important, Get targeted traffic
   27.  Drive traffic to your blogs by SEO and backlinks.
   28.  Make use of Adword tools to improve your site/blog
   29.  Make Use of Adsense channels in tracking the performance of your ads
   30. Note, Avoid MFA ( made for Adsense ) sites
   31. Always Keep track of your ads
   32.  Block low paying advertisers with Competitive Filters
   33.  Don’t overblock created ads
   34.  Make use of Adsense preview tool
   35.  For any short article written, always place ads on the top of the content
   36.  And For long articles place ads in the middle of the content
   37.  You have Avoid using common blog words
   38.  Don’t set Google AdSense as a secondary ad option
   39.  Always Publish fresh content
   40.  Make use of Revenue sharing sites
   41.  Join Youtube Partners as well
   42.  Get rid of public service ads
   43.  Make sure, you avoid titles such as sponsored ads in widgets sections

This provided tips can go a long way in boosting your Google AdSense, but  as the day goes by, more tips will be updated for you guys on how to keep on increasing your ads earnings. And never to forget, if you are a beginner or you got your AdSense newly then, I recommended you read about basics of Adsense terms, like ROI, CPC and custom channels. With the knowledge of these things, you can be able to manage and understand how Google AdSense operates or performs.

Adsense can now be integrated with Analytics, which can help any user track which page and which keyword is performing the best for any blog/site

These tips above are applicable to anyone using any host, might be WordPress, Google blogger, Joomla, Wapka, free hosting sites etc as long as your site or blog has Google AdSense. You are entitled to apply the above.

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