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How To Block Low Paying CPC Adsense Ads

As we all may know, Google Adsense has been and still one of the best Advertising Network in online marketing and as such, it is seen as the top source of income earning for most bloggers and website Administrators/Owners. As a publisher advertising with Google AdSense Team, sometimes we are faced with a situation called LOW CPC, and many publishers if not of few always wonder why there earnings from Google isn’t increasing the way it ought to be and such led them in searching on Google or making research on how to increase their Adsense CPC rate for their blogs or websites.

It didn’t end there, most of bloggers also face the problem which are as follows: low Traffic, low CTR, sometimes due to wrong placement of google Ads whether to place it by sidebar, inside post center, left, right, footer, header etc has been a problem to many. But one thing is assured and that which is assured lies on the saying which says that every problem has a solution. So to have it, this particular post is channeled on how to block Low paying Ads and not how to place or embed ads on blogs or site in other to increase Google AdSense earnings. But the guide on that is coming specially for all in the house, so stick here to get it once it is updated.

Block low paying cpc Google adsense earning ads

Benefits Of Blocking Low Paying Ads on your Blog or Website

We don’t want to bore you with so much reasons why blocking low paying Ads is important, but we would provide you with one reason or benefit of blocking any low paying ads.

1. When you block a low paying Ads/URL, certainly, your earning will begin to increase everyday. The reason behind this technical application has to do with blocking those keywords making their Ads not to be served on your site and as such allowing or giving way for other higher earning Ads to be served to your site in other for your visitors to click.

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How To Block A Low Paying CPC Google Adsense Ads.

=>> You are requied to use a PC or an iPad, also Android phones can serve but has to be with chrome/Firefox browser,

=>> Next, is to Login to your Adsense account from Google Or visit www.Google.com/adsense

to access your account,

=>>Open a new tab on the browser you are using and then visit this link by clicking Here.

=>>Don’t miss any step, now Input your blog or website Url in the space which is provided, which is written “type keywords or enter Url here”, after you must have done that, just click on preview Ads.

=>>This will appear exactly like the screenshot Below.

Block low paying cpc Google adsense earning ads image

=>> When you are done with the simplified steps provided above, now the next thing to do, is to copy the Url below each of the Ads, and then visit Keywordspy and paste the copied Url in the search box like the one below.

Block low paying cpc Google adsense earning ads approved

=>> After pasting the Url, next thing to do is to click on search just like the screenshot provided above, then click on PPC to see the amount each of the advertisers pay or generate.

=>> So, If you are not satisfied with the amount in which the checked ads is generating, then login to your Google Adsense Dashboard and click on Advertise/Block Url exactly like the screenshot provided below, then paste the Url and click on block.

Block low paying cpc Google adsense

=>> Bravo!!! success is your label identity now, as you have fully block the low Paying Adsense Ads. Now your ads should be served with high earning keywords which will in turn enhance your earnings.

Your contribution matters a lot, so if you have any add up just voice it out here. Don’t forget to share to fellow bloggers or website owners or even upcoming bloggers that is already or about to use Google AdSense in their sites/blogs.

Have any question regarding to this updated guide, kindly ask using the comment box below. Thank you.