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How To Get Airtel YouTube Flex Data Plan Instantly On Any Mobile Phone (Don’t Miss Out)

Airtel Network just introduced a new free data bundle
plan and it is called the “Airtel YouTube Flex Data plan”. The free
bundle data can be used to stream or watch YouTube videos online without having
to download. The data is configured to be used for YouTube video streaming.

Although, these newly introduced Airtel YouTube Flex data
plans are capped with price, but I consider it free just because the price is
such that is affordable by all. And talking about the data attached to the
prices stipulated for subscribers, it doesn’t reach the price at all in a
normal sense, so that’s why I tagged it to be free. Is just like, Airtel decided
to dash out the data(s) free because the prices doesn’t worth the data(s).

Airtel Youtube flex Data bundle Plan Free Browsing

You will get to understand what am talking about when you
see the data plans below.

This Airtel YouTube Flex data plans are categorized based
on Monthly and weekly basis. The monthly YouTube Flex plan, when subscribed to
by any customer gives a 500mb worth of data for a cheap price of N200 while the
weekly, when subscribed to, gives you 150MB for just N100.

to Opt in Or Activate the Airtel YouTube Flex Data Plan From any Mobile Phone Or
PC device

Airtel Youtube flex Data bundle Plan Free Browsing codes

>> First of all, recharge your Airtel SIM with the
exact airtime amount of data you wish to subscribe for, whether Monthly or

>> Then dial this short USSD code *141*4#.
>> From the pop-up that will display, choose the
number “1” option if you are going
for the weekly plan that goes for N100 for 150MB.
>> And also, if you wish to activate the Monthly
plan, then select “2” and
you will be subscribed to the 500MB plan that goes for N200.

The Airtel YouTube Flex Data plan works on all PC and
Mobile phones with enabled internet access, whether with 2G, 3G, or 4G connection
signals and can be shared with free WiFi connections. Although, the data bundles
are meant for YouTube videos alone, it can still be used to surf the internet
for free. So in case, you want to flex the data plan on all your browsers and
social media messaging chat apps (like; whatsapp, facebook, twitter, telegram,
skype, snapchats, instagram, imo etc) with the latest free browsing cheat VPN apps
like Tweakware, Sypon Shield, Psiphon Handler, Psiphon A+ Pro, QueenCee and Downloadable
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