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How To Force Make Your Glo Account Balance To Be 0.0kb And Then Enjoy Unlimited Free Browsing

Hello fans, here comes another Unlimited free browsing with Glo 0.0kb tweak through the use of psiphon, this type of tweak was posted here few days ago but some said its not working for them while some said it is working perfectly for them but on new Glo sim. But the very truth about this Glo free browsing is that, it is still blazing.
Am gonna show you how to make it work on new and old Glo sim for free.

One major issue with it is that it constantly disconnects and reconnects (which is what am trying to figure out how to fix it) but the main reason it doesn’t connect for some people is because they have active data on their sim while some still have airtime on their glo line.

I have received a lot of comment from people asking and requesting for a way to use up airtime that remains like 0.7kb. You know it’s difficult to get to 0.0kb because you can’t make calls with 0.7kb or 0.5kb.

So those facing this issue should follow me along as i have provided a solution on how you can use up that useless “kobo” in your account balance
People tell you that it is not working for old sims that a lie cos am using it on my former sim
To remove the little kobo, go to your web browser and open hsi.glo.com choose continue payu which means you are using your money to browse. Then try to open a website or a page to wipe the money. Remember whenever you subscribe it goes away from payu

After doing that, check your account balance and it should read 0.0kb. Then go to this post on Psiphon Settings For Glo 0.0kb Free Browsing Tweak and set it up. In the post, i provided both Psiphon and Tweakware mode settings. The next one am working on is the Netloop settings and how to stop it from Disconnecting.

Keep tuned! Because I will soon post that. Don’t enjoy alone share to friends as well.