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internet Explorer 6: Google former engineer Revealed YouTube Plot to destroy Explorer Browser

About ten years ago, YouTube started showing a warning to Internet Explorer 6 users. The warning was that Microsoft’s browser would not be supported anymore. This message was displayed on all YouTube pages. Internet Explorer 6 was eighteen percent of all YouTube traffic. A group of YouTube engineers tired of this old browser tried to destroy it.

“We thought how we could take revenge on Internet Explorer 6,” said Chris Zacharyas, a former Google and YouTube engineer. The map was very simple. We showed a message on top of the videos that were broadcast to IE6. “The group engineers designed the announcement that most of its YouTube staff did not see. At that time, Google had bought YouTube for several years, and this video sharing site was still not compliant with Google’s infrastructure and rules.

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The YouTube engineers created a special license called “OldTuber” to circumvent the rules of the Google code and to access restricted code reviews with the YouTube code base. Zachary and several other engineers had the OldTuber license, which allowed them to place the announcement without supervision where they wanted to. “We were in a position to permanently destroy Internet Explorer 6,” Zacharyas said. A situation that only happens once. ”

internet Explorer 6
internet Explorer 6

The announcement was launched on July 2009, and very soon news networks announced that Google plans to cut off Internet Explorer 6 support. “The first person to come to our table was our public relations director, Zacharyas said. All technology news asked Peru YouTube to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6, which was a popular browser at that time. We said everything to the group and we helped them get what they need to tell the media. ”

“Even two Google lawyers wanted to know why YouTube posted such a notice and urged it to quickly remove this notice. These lawyers were worried about the anti-competitive conduct of the European Union. But it turned out that YouTube engineers were scheduled to display this announcement in a random way on browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and even Opera. This caused no further worries. ”

This announcement has also spread to other Google sections. The Google Dock Team also showed a message about IE 6 support. The bottom line was a 10% drop in Internet Explorer 6 traffic. The result is far better than what the team of developers imagined. The insurgent engine team came to their forefront and was able to destroy Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer consumes less than 1 percent in US dollars by April 2012.

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