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Facebook AI: Contract staff of Facebook Use Your Private information for AI Training

According to a new report by Twitter, Facebook employees use Facebook and Instagram private posts to train their AI. Like most Facebook technology companies, it also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for content management on its platform. But for this, AI software needs to identify a variety of content. Sample data should be analyzed to teach these algorithms. These data should be classified and labeled by humans.

Contract staff of Facebook use your private information to train AI

Facebook Artificial intelligence

The wider article focused on the Indian company WiPro, which categorized 260 employees to post annotations in five categories. These categories include post content (eg Selfie or photo feed), position (such as birthday and wedding), user intent (a joke, an attempt to give ideas to others or a party).

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WiPro employees should review Facebook and Instagram content, including Status update, video, photos, shared links, and stories. Each section of the content is checked by two employees, each checking around 700 posts a day.

Facebook confirmed that this WiPro-tested content contains privately-shared posts for a specific number of friends, and these include user names and sensitive information. According to Facebook, two hundred content labeling projects around the world and thousands of employees around the world are working on these projects.

It’s very important to do such a job for AI training, but the availability of such sensitive data is compromised by this entire employee of privacy. Recent research suggests that these employees also label Amazon echo and Rails security cameras. When you talk to Alexa, you do not think someone is listening to your conversations, but this can happen.

This is especially true for troubled companies that do not care about the security and privacy of their users. Facebook said its work was legal and introduced an audit system to ensure that privacy is maintained. However, it may still violate the EU’s privacy laws. Under the law, companies are required to maintain the privacy of their users.
Facebook says that data labeled by human employees is used to teach computer training systems, which includes content offerings, photo and video description for disabled users and the fight against pornographic content.

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