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From CC Search Engine: Get Common Photos or Images

Creative Commons recently released its new search engine. CC Search engine allows users to find free photos under license Creative Commons. The number of these images is 300 million and you will likely find what you want from all these pictures.

On February 2017 Creative Commons released its new search engine. This search engine gave you links from other sources like Google Image, Flickr, and Picasa. That meant it was not a search engine, but rather a link to other search engines.

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The new Creative Commons search engine is designed to be simpler and more creative. However, placing 300 million photos from around the Internet on this motorcycle was a huge one, which led CC Search to remain in the beta for two years.

Creative Commons has officially announced that CC Search will be released from beta. CC Search is a great way to search the Creative Commons photo archive, which includes 300 million photos from the 19 collections. By posting Creative Commons blogs when you use CC Search, you typically find photos from Open APIs and Common Crawl databases that include artwork for museums, graphic design and artwork, and Also flickr photos.

Using CC Search is very simple. Just search for your word or sentence and the Creative Commons algorithm finds the most suitable for you. You can see the photo source and the Creative Commons License. If you want to filter the results, simply click the Filter button. You can choose between “Use for Business Purposes” or “Change or Match” Filters. You can also restrict your search to a CC license or certain photographers.

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