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From Google: 10 Percent Android devices uses Android 9 Pie Mobile OS

Google announced that 10.4 total Android devices uses Android Pie, the latest version of the Android operating system. The operating system was officially released on August 6, 2018. Google today announced the number of users of this operating system for the first time in nine months. Figures have increased since last year: May 2018, only 5.7% of Android devices used Android, The number of Android users who use Android is twice as high as Android last year.

However, Android Oreo with 28.3 percent among Android 8.0 and 8.1 is more than other Android versions. Thereafter, the number of upcoming Android devices is up by 19.2 percent (for versions 7.0 and 7.1), Android 6.0, Marshallo (16.9 percent), and Android Lollipop (4.0 and 4.1) with 14.5 percent among users. . The Android Pie comes in fifth place with 10.4 percent.

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While the amount of handsets that use Android poke has a dramatic increase, it still has a huge rival: Apple’s iOS operating system, due to its strong control over both hardware and software, power There is much more to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system.

Android OS vs iOS

By comparison, the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 12, gained control of fifty percent of iOS devices in twenty-three days. What’s more for Google’s most popular Android operating system, Android Oreo is too far away. On February 24, 80 percent of Apple devices used the latest operating system, and only eight percent were still using the older operating system than the iOS 11 released in 2017.

Hopefully Google will upgrade its developer portal. According to Android Police, the portal, last updated on October 26, 2018, did not work in the past few months, as Google lost its previous data sources. But Google announced that it has solved the problem with new data sources.

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