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Newly introduced Smart Google Assistant at I/O Conference 2019

As for audio assistants and their performance, we’ve always seen exaggeration, but Google Assistant, the Google voice assistant, has really come to fruition this time. In fact, at the I/O 2019 conference, Google unveiled its new voice assistant generation, which has become much more intelligent than the previous generation, and is no longer limited to ordinary sticks, alarms, and more; it can also type a message and Send to one of your friends, duplicate an image and use it as an attachment, and ….

Google’s new generation of Assist; Extreme speed and offline performance

So far, Google has been sending out the voice to its servers in order to execute the user’s command, so that its command is detected after the audio processing. For this, the voice recognition model, which was 100GB in size, was stored on the servers of the company, but now the model is extremely low and has only reached 500 MB.

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So it will easily fit on the user’s phone. So you can use the Google Voice Assistant on online and offline on your phone while you’ve had to connect to the Internet before you can process the command on the Google side. Aside from this, thanks to the same change, the Google Assist is 10 times more than before. In fact, we can say that this voice assistant actually handles your orders promptly.

The new generation of Google’s voice assistant, Google’s Assistant, is still not fully ready to use, but Google’s latest generation of pseudos will be released this year, according to Google.

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