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Enjoy MTN Unlimited Browsing Now

Do you know that, you can browse unlimitedly with MTN on a daily, weekly or monthly bases. Never to worry yourself on that question by asking, how can i set it, because Techbmc is out with the verge of making it simplified for you, so don’t hesitate to invite your friends to enjoy with you.
To be brief, the fact is that, you can start to browse on your Android and Pc with cheap MTN unlimited bis. With the help of some simple server settings.
Free MTN Unlimited Browsing

To be frank, there is much work to do online with megabyte, so i spend alot of time online when am less busy with academic activities. And by the time i may finish one work or the other online, i know how much megabyte that is being consumed. Even when free browsing is on use by me still not enough. Until i discovered about the unlimited MTN bis which am about to share below. So If you are like me that is always busy online, here are your chances of getting MTN unlimited browsing. Now lets rock it.

How To Set And Browse Unlimitedly With MTN Bis

The MTN BBLITED and BBMIDID of #70 and #100 respectively are subscription we all know about even if, you are hearing it for the first time. They are daily MTN bis and they work very well on Android and Laptops. The little differences but serious among BBLITED and BBMIDID is that when you talk of BBLITED, it is cheaper and capped at 5GB While the costlier BBMIDID is the one said to be Unlimited.

The question will now be, how can you browse unlimitedly with this MTN Plan on a daily, weekly, and monthly bases? Scrol below and check out the table for the  subscription chart.

What You Are Required To Have For It To Work

Your Mobile Phone (Android) to be precise or iphone or Laptop/PC
Download Simple server  for your Android Here and For your PC Here
Download Autoproxy on Android to make it power all apps you are using

How Do I Set It Up For Use?

For Table one: The plans are capped at 5gb take note

For The Price Duration Of Data Text To 21600 Subscription codes For Dial
N70 For Daily BBLITED *216*7#
N350 For Weekly BBLITEW *216*8#
N1,000 For Monthly BBLITEM *216*9#

For Table Two:  Unlimited Plan also take note

Price Duration Text To 21600 Subscription codes
N100 For Daily BBMIDID *216*10#
N500 For Weekly BBMIDIW *216*11#
N1,000 For Monthly BBMIDIM *216*12#

Set Up For Your Android Phones

==>1. Subscribe for the best you think is suitable plan for you from the two table above. The Table one plans which are capped at 5gb and Table 2 plans are known to be unlimited.
==>2. Hey Goto settings in your Android Phone and click on the Mobile Networks=> Access Point Names=> Select preferred Sim (MTN). Now tap option “from your android left soft key” choose New APN and set as follows:
  • APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
  • proxy:
  • port: 8080
  • Username: web
  • Password: web
Save and proceed to the next.
=>Open your Proxy Droid and configure
==>Open it up and set it up as follows;
  • Host:
  • Port: 8080
==>Finally, Turn ON proxydroid and minimize it. 
==>3. Now Open the simple server you downloaded from link above and set it as follows
  • Ingection Method: Get
  • Injection Query/URL: https://web.blackberry.com
  • Injection Host: web.blackberry.com
  • Injection Line: Just Tap your ENTER button 4 times

    We are done. Now click the white button located at the top right corner to turn on  the Simple server. And start browsing unlimitedly if you went for table 2. lolzz

The Settings For Your Laptops/PC
==>1. Now choose a suitable plan from the tables above to Subscribe for. As you know, The Table 1 plans are capped at 5gb and the Table 2 plans are unlimited.
==>2. click and open your Mozilla Forefox browser, tap the Open Menu located at the top right corner on the screen. Followed by the Options=> Advanced=> Network=> Settings. Tick Manual Proxy. The box can now be able to edit just insert below there
  • HTTP Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
  • Tick or click use this proxy server for all protocols. See the image below
==>3. Click the OK to save it. Then close firefox browser, and go back and Extract the simple server you downloaded from the link above to your desktop using 7z or which ever program that suites you best.
==>4. Now Open the extracted folder in the pc and choose and open the config file inside (the .txt file in that folder). Then you can replace the content settings with the below .
PPORT = 8080
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR0 = web.blackberry.com
IQUERY = web.blackberry.com
CUSHDR0 = ‘Proxy’
==>4. The last step, you should Save and Open  the Simple server.exe that is inside that same folder and leave it to run then hover to check on your setings. When you see READY, open your firefox browser and start your unlimited browsing.
You can download unlimitedly with internet download manager IDM with the use of this settings, setup the internet downoad manager with

Proxy: and
Port: 8080.