Home Computer Tips How To Make Automatic IDM Bar Show Up When Downloading YouTube Videos.

How To Make Automatic IDM Bar Show Up When Downloading YouTube Videos.

This has to do with how to download video on youtube with internet download manager IDM. Normally it was suppose to be that with internet download manager being installed, all you have to do, is for you to click on the video you want to download and Automatically a button will appear showing DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO and you will select the quality and size of the video befor proceeding to click download. But it was unfortunate when i tried to do that, the button did not show for me to click.
YouTube Automatic IDM Bar settings

Now The question is, what did i do to proceed with my downloading on the video i saw in youtube. After my trials and errors, i finally came up with the solution. I discovered that the problem was as a result of internet download manager Extension that is disabled in the chrome browser i was using. I know that some other persons may be encountering such problem so if you find your self in such trash, meticulously follow the steps below to correct yours whether chrome or firefox browser.

How To fix The Problem On Chrome Browser
==>First thing to do Open chrome Browser, and click  the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” icon located at the top right corner of your computer screen.
==>Secondly,From the drop down, choose More Tools=> Extensions
==>Thirdly A page will open, just carefully scroll down to IDM Integration Module and Tick on the Small Box located at the right which is next to ENABLE

Now Restart your Chrome and try to play one video online. The blue bar will now be accessible again for you.

How To Fix The Problem On Mozilla Firefox
==>Firstly Open Mozilla Firefox browser, and click on the “Open Menu” icon located at the top right side of your Laptop.
==>From the drop down, choose“Add-Ons”. A page should prompt out, Just click on Extensions.
==>lastly you will find “IDM Integration” . Now click on ENABLE and restart Firefox browser.

After setting, now you should see the blue bar showing for you to download videos from youtube.