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Behold How To View Desktop Version Of Websites On Your Mobile Phone With Web Browsers

Here is how to access some websites to view desktop or web view through the use of your mobile phone and via Opera Mini Browsers, UC browsers, chrome browsers and Firefox browsers etc. And some of these websites we would be emphasizing about their desktop view through mobile phones are as follows; Gmail, Google Blogger, Twitter, Facebook social media chat, myspace, Yahoo, ebay, Outlook etc. By following the below guide, you will be able to access or view the above listed desktop sites as well as their mobile view through your different smart mobile phones like Android, BlackBerry, Nokia etc and also on non smart phones like, java phones, symbian etc, via Opera Mini browser and the rest browsers.

Here Are Frequent Asked Questions That This Post Has Solution For.

How can I view Google gmail html versions or full site desktop version on Android Device when I want to Login using Opera Mini browser?

How to Open Or Access Gmail Desktop Version On Mobile Phone

Mobile browsers, some came with  feature that switches the mobile version  to the full web version. And most of these browsers came with some features which one is  “SINGLE COLUMN VIEW” for opera mini users, and another example of browser is Chrome browser, the feature is called “REQUEST DESKTOP VIEW”. Note that in some cases most websites after setting the desktop will get overridden and still view the mobile view despite the settings to pc view.

How To Switch From Mobile To Desktop OR Web View Of Websites Like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, ebay etc.

Let’s see what it is all about. The tips are adjusted behind the links given below. What you have to start with, is getting them, i meant the links and pasting them on your browsers for easy access to full features of their respective view. Also note that in most cases some of the embedded features may not view properly but it is fun, just give it a trial.

==>For Accessing Blogger blogs:- it is very simple and easy. For you to access blogs or make way to their pc views and have the web in full features.  All you need to do by accessing the expected view you want to acheive, is only by adding this query  ?m=0 to the end or to the last word of any  blog link or url, for e.g it will look this way www.techbmc.com/?m=0  by doing this, when you click the link and it opens , it will take you to our pc or desktop view, when you talk of this present site.

Facebook mobile and Desktop view url link

==>For Accessing The Pc View Of Your Facebook Profile:- Just with the same procedure i gave for blogs above but a little change is made. The change which is made is just for you to add a query, which is ?m2w to the end of the facebook url after your facebook username. For example www.facebook.com/Techbmc?m2w  or if you don’t want to stress your self. You can as well, go for this www.facebook.com/home.php This one can only work if you change  (m) and replace it with (www) and also add (/home.php) at the end of the link. A good example is the one you see above.

==>For Full Access  Or Pc View of Yahoo Web:- Sometimes, we are always ask by the officials of yahoo to login in yahoo mail with laptop or pc, due to one reason or the other. But if eventually there are no pc around to do that, we be become worried and aggressive. Now the question will be, why are we worried? Answer will now be, because we are expecting a mail from somebody, it could be an official mail, Academic mail, and love mail etc. Never to worry because you have ended up seeing the last bus stop of the solution to that problem.
Now the solution is the link below, click or copy it to your browser and the next will be, you landing on the full web version of yahoo mail with your mobile phone. Login.yahoo.com/config/mail?.intl=uk&.src=ym.

gmail desktop view url link

==>For Full Web Access Feature On Gmail: After your login to gmail.com just copy and paste this:  mail.google.com/mail/h/ to your web browser address bar. If you have network break or low internet connection you can aswel use this on your pc to make it load the gmail faster.

==>For Full Version Of Twitter: https://www.mobile.twitter.com/settings/change_ui This will take you to the desktop view of this social network twitter.

==>Full Access On Ebay: www.ebay.com/?redirect=mobile This will redirect you to desktop view of Ebay so catch the fun.

==>Full web Version On MySpace:  www.myspace.com/?ucm=true This will enable you goto the desktop version without wasting time.
==>Outlook.com On Full Web Version:  https://blu171.mail.live.com/?rru=inbox All the same Outlook will be viewed with mobile displaying the full web features with that this link above so enjoy your splendid view.

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