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Don’t Pause Apk – Listen to Your Inspired Songs Without Notification Interruption

Music is one of the things that gives joy especially when it is one’s favourite song. You can attest to it that, music makes one feel better in a bad mood. And sometimes phone notifications stops the flowing of that music when you are meditating on it as it is playing, thereby making that your favourite song not to be enjoyable as it used to be when there is no sort of interruption by notifications.

Sometimes this happens when it gets to the part you like best in the song and its time for you to sing that your best part along with the song playing on your android, just for you to open your mouth to sing, a notification from MTN network with 345125 came to your device, thereby pausing or stopping the music entirely. And that makes some persons out there angry  and stops the flow of the meditation. Oh noooo! is what will come out of your mouth without you knowing.

That will introduce us to an app known as “don’t pause” this app enable your music to be playing without any form of notification from message pausing the song or stopping it entirely. The app is an android app, and it function this way,
Once you are playing songs with your Android and eventually a notification from message or Email came in, don’t pause app will mute the tune until the time you are done playing music then it will now bring up the tune of that particular notification from your message automatically. I believe with this guide above, the problem of your songs pausing and stopping due to mail or message notification thereby stopping the high level of meditation of some of your inspired songs should be no more.

Download “Don’t stop app” from google playstore here or get the raw apk here