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How To Detect Original Charger For Android Phones & The Rate At Which The Device Charges With Different Chargers

Specifically, this tutorial is meant for Android users. So android users get ready because I will be showing you the trick on how to detect a suitable charger for your phone and at same time let you know the rate at which your Android devices charge with different chargers.

Before proceeding to the tutorial, you can agree with me that for you to enjoy an android phone, it all depends on the battery, whether the battery is the type that can charge very fast and as well last long for you.

Believe you me that 95% of those going for android devices, would ask some questions before purchasing any Android they like. And usually they ask questions like ”Can I use this Android device for 2 to 3 days after charging it up to 100% ? That is because what all desire in most android phones, is having a battery that can last for a whole day or two to three days without being charged always. I now ask, is it all about battery when you talk of Android phones? What about having a bettery that can last and serve you for two to three days and after it is been used up, for you to charge it again to get to 100%, it will now take up to 10 to 11 hours. What could be the cause? The answer to these questions will probably let you know how important it is to know the rate at which your phone charges with different chargers and as well getting or detecting the best charger for your smartphones.

Now, to answer the question, what could be the cause for your Android device charging upto 10 to 11 hours before it reaches 100%. The major problem behind it is charging your phone with charger that is not compatible for your device. And in most times, to get a charger compatible for your android device seems to be difficult for you because the rate at which different charger charges your phone differs, thereby leaving you in a confused state of which one to take. From below, i have provided ways to aid you get original charger for your Android devices with the use of an application called Ampere. 

 AMPERE Apk App will go a long way in helping you know the best compatible charger for your phone and to also know the rate at which different kinds of Android charger charges your smart devices.

Ampere serves alot of purposes on your smart devices. It gives you privilege to know if your mobile device is charging fast with a particular charger. It gives you information on how much current your phone sucks.

==>Download the Ampere (apk) here or here

Uses of Ampere:

How To Verify If Your Android Is Charging At A Faster Rate Or Not.
This will take two steps, the First and second step will be of help for those that know their current intensity and those that doesn’t know about that.

If you are to get this done without the help of Ampere app, then you will have to wait for long probably for some minutes before you can achieve your aim. But Ampere saves your time and get it done in just few seconds. You really don’t have to wait untill your phone is 100% or fully charged before you could detect if your charger is the best for your phone or not.

1) For the first step, let’s say may be your follow come charger got damaged and now you want a perfect charger that will also work in similar way. Android developers made it simple for all to know that, every android has its own particular Current Intensity at which it is designed to charge as a mobile. And to have it, the current intensity at which different mobile phone charge varies from one particular charger to another.

>>Main Step Begins: Check the current intensity for your Android with an orignal charger by running your Ampere app and by so doing, then also connect your original charger.
Now Ampere  will display the mA of current your device is getting, just note it. Now, to test the new charger, plug it in when you must have  removed the one you pluged in before. Now, if the mA current displayed the same thing or value as that of the original charger, then you have gotten the best compatible charger for your phone. But if the mA is lower, then know that it is not the best or one compatible for your phone. Note that even if there should be difference in the mA displayed, it should be little or no difference at all.

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2) For those that really want original charger but don’t know how much current intensity their phone is made up of. The easy way to know your current intensity, is by going to google search engine and by searching for the charger your mobile phone came with and also the current intensity. When you see it, take note of it and lunch the Ampere app installed on your phone. Now test the new charger and view if the current intensity is the same with the one you noted. If it is, have it that the charger is original. That’s it..

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