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See How To Generate GTBank Token Code Through USSD With Your Phone


Banking through internet  has made it so easy for all to transact without stress, now one can do anything on his/her Bank  account as long as the function of that you are doing is modified  by bank administrators. It used to be a long queue in the bank when internet banking  has not been put to place for banking, but is no more like that now, gone are the days when that was the order of the day. If you are used to online transactions like buying and paying online, you can attest to it that, for that transaction to be completed, your details and token will be put to place. Your details and that of the token signifies that you are the real owner of  the account you are using to purchase or for the payment. That is to say, the token and that of your details serves as a measure of security in the transaction. The token is a hardware that can be carried about with you, just exactly the way you carry your debit card about. In many banks thats what the token is like but recently GTB came up with a modified and better way of using the token without it being carried about. And this time, it is something that you can do with your mobile phones and tablets, etc with just a dial of a designated USSD code that I will show you below.

Modified Way Of Generating Your Own GTBank Token code Via a Designated USSD

==>First Dial this code **737*7# on the number/sim you used in opening your account in GTbank having the sim or number being inserted in your mobile phone or tablet.

==>Next is to type in your NUBAN account number which is your (bank account number)
==>And Finally, type in the the last 6 digits number, the one on your GTBank debit card.
Immediately after that, your real token will be shown to you.

The token being generated always expire in the range of 60seconds which is just a minute.
So you have to be fast with it when you generate for use. And this is much better than paying an extra N2,000 just to have another hardware. Token.