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10 Best Games of 2020 Played On PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one

So you guys who’ve been following Techbmc for a while, know that every year at about halfway through the year, at the halfway point, we do this kind of review, where we go and take a look back at some of the best games that 2020 has had so far. Sometimes, we get wrapped up in so much gaming negativity that we got to take a look back and remind ourselves that 2020 was actually pretty good.

So let’s talk about 10 of the best games of 2020 first half, from most played Game platforms like PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox one. Starting off with number one, we have:

1. Maneater Game

  • Platform: PC, XBOX ONE and PS4


Maneater, yeah you probably knew we were gonna pick this game. Might seem out of left field but we’ve been talking about it quite a bit and thankfully, it lived up to our weird expectations of it being essentially an open-world shark action RPG. Manhunter is a ton of fun and we think that there needs to be more games like this yes, it’s not super long but it can be a little bit repetitive, and creative.

The game is cool and fun to play, it doesn’t take itself too seriously but they actually put the work in, in order to make it satisfying to play. It got great hilarious narration, a ton of environmental and enemy variety especially, as you travel through different areas of water and grow your shark from a little tiny baby into this killer behemoth nasty prehistoric killer.

Customizing your shark with different abilities and evolving it is really fun. it sounds weird but we think people should give it a try especially, because you can even hop on land and munch on people like what’s better than? That’s a good shark game if you ask me.

2. Gears Tactics Game

  • Platform: PC and XBOX ONE

Gears Tactics game for pc and xbox one

Gears tactics is a game that has not been talked about too much, it hasn’t been mentioned much and honestly, kind of released pretty quietly. This is a surprisingly competent game. Halo fans know that a lot of people slept on halo wars, the RTS version of that game, that was actually pretty good. Now gears tactics takes the Gears of War formula and applies it to a top-down strategy shooter similar to XCOM but with the Gears of War Flair.

And it actually turns out to totally work and be really cool using your lancer, chainsaw bey and that actually works in the gameplay. It makes sense taking cover hunkering down, fighting the locust in like more of an old-school.

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Gears campaign with something that we also really like, it’s not like gears for Gears five it’s actually more like the original gears because you’re in the heat of it. Not to mention that all your squad are highly customizable, way more than we expected

It’s a pretty good time though not perfect or got some issues here and there but like of the bigger tier games that release this year, we really like this one.

3. Half-Life Alyx

  • Platform: PC

Half-Life Alyx pc game

Now over at number 3, we have a valve game. Believe it or not, a half-life game alyx is downright incredible, yes it does. Feel a little weird and to put a VR game on this list. Where VR hasn’t taken off as much as we were hoping, still a lot of us here do like VR and we really loved half-life Alyx. In fact, we wish everyone could experience it because it’s downright incredible.

The game serves as kind of like a prequel to half-life 2, with you playing as Alyx Vance before Gordon shows up. When you’re deep in city 17, you will get to see it with your own eyes. But not only that, even though the fact that you’re not playing, is Gordon Freeman the half-life vibe the half-life gameplay?

The half-life feel all of that, it’s hundred percent and it made us as half-life fans very happy. Not to mention the story, this game does cool things that you might want to check out. Eeveryone can play this game and that is a bummer but hoo boy read a Wikipedia page or something because half-life alyx is cool.

4. Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

  • Game Platform: PC

Mount and Blade II  Bannerlord

Now over at number four, I think we got a highlight for you PC fans out there. Mount and blade II BannerLord has finally released that you can play, yes it’s technically still happen to be more of an early access game but you’re getting way more of that awesome warfare action.

In this game, expect commanding massive amounts of dudes using all types of different weapons, exploring and kind of enjoying more of the RPG aspects. Conversing with people there are definitely some things that still need to be built up in this game, and you can tell, but like the core Mountain Blade gameplay. It seems like hardcore fans are absolutely happy and you know we’re happy for them.

5. The Last of Us Part II

  • Game Platform: PS4
The Last of Us Part II ps4
Image credit: forbes

Next at number 5, we’re including The Last of Us part two, yes nobody bribed us to do that, we just genuinely liked the game. We don’t like it quite as much as the first game and we can definitely admit that there’s a couple of problems in the story and the gameplay.

But overall, we still found it very satisfying and lengthy to play through this time. IT’S like an Ellie story; she goes out for revenge and I believe bloody violent game filled with all, like that brutal kind of survival horror aspects that the Last of Us brings. With bigger environments, incredible graphics and honestly, just some really great performances by the voice actors and motion capture actors. Some people were led down, we were not.

6. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

  • Platform: PC and XBOX ONE

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Moving over to number 6, we gonna review about Ori and the will of the wisps, another surprise game that not enough people are talking about. Once again, I sound like I’m repeating myself but seriously Ori in the will of the wisps is a follow up to or in the blind forest, and it’s better in every way. IT’s downright incredible from the way you progress to the abilities you gain. Also to the way you traverse the environments, the way the actual environments themselves look like your concept art come to life.

IT’S really great and something you would need to experience, either on an Xbox or on a PC. We’ve played it on PC and we loved it there. The music, environment, atmosphere, touching but simple story etc will definitely get you. But the gameplay will keep you there for the long haul and I think that’s important.

7. Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Game Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, and XBOX ONE Devices

Call of Duty Warzone for pc xbox one and ps4

Now over at number 7. If we’re talking about gameplay Call of Duty warzone was another surprise this year. Who would have thought another free-to-play battle royale game was to be released. It was actually pretty good like just as we’re starting to really get tired of these types of things.

Call of Duty’s newest, revolve around the modern warfare engine and this made it pretty good. You Know, I think it will be weird for us not to acknowledge this game. The game is compelling and it’s fun. The loot system and the weapon system works really well on the levels.

The design of the environment is awesome, IT’S a bit more than blackout but of course, everybody feels differently. Generally, we really like modern warfare especially, from a single-player perspective and we really like their spin on the whole drop in, and shoot a bunch of dudes and then survive till the end.

8. FF7 Remake

  • Game Platform: PS4

FF7 Remake ps4FF7 Remake ps4

We have the Final Fantasy 7 remake of what a dream-come-true. This game is after so many years of anticipation and just delays and not knowing what’s going on, we finally got the game that we were all hoping for. At least the first part of it is out.

This game does focus specifically only on the early sections of the original game, but they take their time to really expand it, grow it out, give more fan service and more great background. They create more live breathing and convincing worlds.

This strengthens the story of the original game because, now you can like really understand the people that live here and what’s going on. Of course, thanks to also some incredibly detailed graphics that just really sell it, especially with all the main characters you’re playing as.

Also, the fact that the story goes some places, hey it does some things that are very interesting and it plays with fan expectations in a way that we thought was pretty fun to say. The very least but not to mention, it got a solid JRPG, the action is fun even though it is a little more action-oriented.

Upgrading your characters is satisfying. This is just a good time for a lot of people. The first way, they’re gonna experience Final Fantasy 7 and you know we think that’s pretty good. I think this is a good first way to experience the beloved original classic, but it’s even better if you love the original and now you’re playing this one. Who knows how long we’re gonna have to wait for the sequel to this to kind.

You know the second half, I don’t know but we are definitely, happily going to be waiting for it.

9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Game Platform: SWITCH

Animal Crossing New Horizons for nintendo switch

Now, down to number 9, we have Animal Crossing new horizons; a game that really took the world by storm. Of course, while many people were shot inside their homes due to unforeseen and uncertain circumstances, there was a game that released just at the right time and it was pretty much there to comfort everyone. That game was Animal Crossing baby, which has always been a great series. But New Horizons, really blows it out of the water, it’s more social, detailed, customizable, compelling, and more ongoing.

The game looks better and it is more engaging. Basically, everything you could want from an Animal Crossing sequel, they didn’t screw it up and props a Nintendo because, they really could have. I know that sounds kind of jaded but this is easily the best thing that Nintendo put out this year, and we’re really happy it exists.

We’re also really happy that it’s continuing to be fun and exciting. They just announced that they’re adding swimming to the game, that’s crazy dude. We know that it is very much like a chill relaxing weird grind type of game that isn’t for everyone but, I think just the actual cultural impact this game has made this year, is really worth highlighting and celebrating.

10. Doom Eternal

  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE, And PC
Doom Eternal ps4, xbox one and pc
credit: youtube

The last we have is doom eternal, which essentially takes doom 2016. A game that we absolutely loved and I’m pretty sure we chooses it as our game of the year and kind of just blows it all out of the water and expands upon it. The game goes full insane, sequel in a way that may alienate some fans of the previous game just how over-the-top it goes.

But for us, we loved all the additions; the new weapons, the bigger levels, more traversal abilities, more opportunities for murder, incredible new enemy types and a multiplayer mode that was good. Doom eternal really goes nuts and it just kind of goes further lengths to make the doom guy essentially Superman but, he is like almost like a superhero in this story. He is just as crazy bad ass legend of a killing machine and it’s really cool with what they do with the lore and generally, throughout the entire game from the bosses to the areas you visit the enemies and villains.

This game is truly a thrilling ride from beginning to end. From the music to the visuals, to the insane white-knuckle gameplay, where you should definitely crank up the difficulty if you can. Once you’d become a seasoned vet, it’s even more satisfying. Doom eternal is kind of like the gift that keeps on giving and we love it.

Bonus Games Review

Before we wrap it up, we got some bonuses and they are as follows:

Resident Evil 3

We got to see the Nemesis in 4k and he’s not pretty. Also, neo 2 is just as good as the first one Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, we wanted to give a highlight too because it’s not like the greatest thing in the world but it is a really nic, fun way to relive a lot of your favorite sagas and for PC fans.We had to highlight satisfactory because, I’m sure a lot of you guys are definitely addicted to that but those are some of the games that we really liked in the first half of 2020.

Of course, we didn’t have enough time to cover smaller games, so we’d love to hear any other recommendations you have down in the comments section, maybe we can include them in the review. If you have your own top 10 games that you’ve played the first half of 2020, let us know, anything at all, we’d love to hear from you.

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