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Top 50 Worst Passwords of 2018 Identified – Avoid totally

These days, when we receive a lot of information and services over the Internet, the security of this information is vital, but these services have grown so high that it’s hard for us to pick a secure password and remember it. That’s why choosing the easy-to-remember passwords that are easy to recall is inevitable and at times could expose us to hackers. Hackers also try to select the password for most user accounts in a simple way.


Worst Passwords 2018

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It should be noted that the selection of simple, well-known and popular passwords makes your account at risk of hacking. Now, and every year, the worst passwords of 2018 have been published, listing 50 of them below:

Dangerous Password That Could Expose You To Hackers & Scammers 

1 123456                   26   zxcvbnm
2 password                27 121212
3 123456789        28 bailey
4 12345678        29 freedom
5 12345                30 shadow
6 111111                31 passw0rd
7 1234567                32 baseball
8 sunshine                33 buster
9 qwerty                34 daniel
10 iloveyou                35 hannah
11 princess                36 thomas
12 admin                37 summer
13 welcome                38 george
14 666666                39 harley
15 abc123                40 222222
16 football                41 jessica
17 123123                42 ginger
18 monkey                43 letmein
19 654321                44 abcdef
20 !@#$%^&*        45 solo
21 charlie                    46 jordan
22 aa123456        47 55555
23 donald                48 tigger
24 password1              49 joshua
25 qwerty123        50 pepper

Interestingly, the twenty-third of the worst 2018 passwords is Donald, which came as a result of Donald Trump: the president of United State of America (USA). 

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Do not forget!

However, if your passwords are the only ones that are listed above, change them quickly because you have been completely at risk of hacking. Meanwhile, try to use long passwords (at least 8 characters) and a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, do not use a single password for all your accounts, because in case of hacking one of the accounts, the possibility of hacking the rest is also very high.  

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