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Apple AirPad 2 Review: New Wireless Charging Headphone

Apple has unveiled a new generation of wireless headphones just before AirPad 2. This wireless headset, which is similar to the first-generation AirPad, is completely wireless, with the charging chassis being designed wirelessly. Do well to like our page on Facebook for first hand tech update alert. Meanwhile, below is the leatest Apple’s AirPad 2019 review and its features/specifications. 
Apple AirPad 2 Review 2019

Review of AirPad 2

Wireless charging case

One of the major differences between AirPad 2 and its predecessor is its wireless charging capability. The charging case is Qi-compatible wireless headphones and, thanks to this feature, it can be recharged with almost all available wireless chargers.

In addition, the charging chassis also has a very small LED lamp that shows the battery’s capacity.

LED lights feature on AirPad 2

LED on AirPad 2

The H1 chip; the chip that owes the power of AirPad 2

Apple has used the W1 chipset in the first generation of AirPad, but this time, in the AirPad 2 we are seeing the use of the H1 chip. Using this chip makes it possible to have more talk hours with second-generation AirPad headphones. In this way, thanks to the chip, the battery life of the second generation AirPad is 50% better than the first-generation AirPad.

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Aside from longer battery life, the H1 chip has added other positive features, such as Hey Siri support, increased connectivity and increased microphone clarity to the second-generation AirPad. According to Apple, AirPad 2 can move between active devices 2 times faster than the previous one and can make calls 1.5 times faster. In addition, thanks to the chip, it has dropped by up to 30% in the performance of Siri.

A wireless charging case is also available for the first generation AirPad

Apple has released AirPad 2 in two ways: one with a charging chassis that costs $199. If you want to use a regular case, you can buy the standard version for $159. Also, if you have the first generation AirPad, you can buy a wireless charging case separately for $79.
AirPad 2 price by type

AirPad 2019 prices differentiated by type
AirPad 2019 prices

Checking the value of buying an AirPad

AirPad 2 has more power than the first-generation AirPad, but the standard version does not have any changes compared to the first-generation AirPad. But if you’re looking for cheaper choices, we can introduce two Xiaomi Irdatz and Radium Irdatz wireless headsets, which cost $60 and $15, respectively. Xiaomi Irdatz is designed to look exactly the same as the AirPad, but its angles are somewhat clear. The Irdatz smash but the Apple AirPad earrings are removed and only available in black. The ultra-low price of these two wireless headphones has made them an excellent choice for purchase. 

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