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How To Add Firefox-Style Separators To Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar

Firefox gives users the ease of adding separators between their sites on the bookmark toolbar. But Google Chrome does not normally support this functionality. But if you still need them, this presents to you a breakdown of how to get the same kind of experience.

The functionality of adding separators in between icons found on the bookmarks bar has been trending for many years with Firefox. If you wish to add one, right-click on the bookmarks bar and then you choose New Separator after which you drag it between the bookmarks icons.

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Google chrome Bookmarks Bar

Simulating Bookmark Separators

Google Chrome does not possess separators as one of its user interface option. But one of the ways by which you can be able to add them is just by typing into the vertical bar character – that is also called “Pipe”. In order to do this, just right-click on any of the site icons found on the bookmarks bar and select “Edit”.

From the “Edit Bookmark” screen, just type a name or an abbreviation which should be followed by a Pipe – by holding “Shift and Backslash” key. You might also wish to experiment or play around with the spacing. Another thing which you possibly might want doing since you are organizing bookmarks might be the creation of space to allow more sites so that the browser displays only site icons on the bar but no text. If you have done this, and just want the icon of a site only, then you should clear the name field and then type in a pipe.

The example that follows shows you how I cleared all the text from a group of bookmarks and how I just added a pipe.
A second option that you may want to use is to proceed to separator.mayastudious.com and then you drag the separator button to whichever area that you want it on the bookmarks bar.

If you want to remove any of the separators at any given point in time, you have to know that it can be removed as you would remove any other bookmark. This is done by right-clicking on it and selecting “Delete”.

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Doing this might seem like a small thing. However, if you have been using Firefox for a long time and are now trying to move to Chrome, you may wish to apply some of these subtleties. A good way in keeping things more organized is by adding separators.

Do you like having separators in between the bookmarks icons on your bookmarks bar? Might there be any solution which you have found that work? Let us know how you prefer adding separators by leaving us comments in the comments section below.