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How to Disable Save Password Settings in 6 Most Used Browsers Worldwide

Most of the built-in password manager in most browsers are mostly insecure. And mostly whenever you sign in to any web page your browser will ask you whether you want to save your password or not which the option is left for to choose.

You are mostly concerned about the security of your password then you need to switch to a third-party secure password manager like LastPass and disable the browser’s built-in password manager to be on the safer side.
Disable Save Password Options in Mobile & PC browsers

Due to the insecurity of most browser’s password manager the essence of this tutorial is to disable the save password option and also remove the previously saved passwords in most browsers.

Disable Save Password Settings in Browsers PC- Phone

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Google Chrome Browser
To disable the Save Password option and also remove the previously saved password then you have to follow the below procedures carefully.
1. After launching Chrome click on the main menu at the top-right corner and select Settings option.

Google chrome browser Settings

2. Next proceed by clicking on Show advanced settings at the bottom and then uncheck the option “Offer to save passwords with Google Smart Lock for Passwords” under the Passwords and forms section.

Show advanced settings in Chrome browser

After following this procedure successfully, the feature of Save Password in Chrome will stop immediately any time you log in to any website and you may also want to delete the previously saved password and this is done by clicking on the manage passwords link and this will pop up a window where you can see all your saved password, just click on (X) button to remove the password.

Manage passwords in chrome browser

Firefox Browser
In order to remove the Save Password option and previously save password just like the way we previously did for google chrome browser on Firefox browser just follow procedures below.
1. Firstly, click on the hamburger menu at the top-right corner and select the Options it.

Firefox browser settings

2. From here, go to the security section and do well to uncheck the option that says “Remember logins for sites”. When you are done unchecking this particular feature or option on the browser then the browser in talk, Firefox will definitely stop from saving any password you entered in the future 

Firefox Security section settings

In order to delete previously saved passwords on your browser, click on the Saved Logins button on the same page. In this place you can remove saved passwords and even import them to save anywhere else

firefox Saved Logins

Opera Browser
Just as we have been doing for other browser also follow the steps below to disable Save Password option and delete previous Save Password in Opera Browser.

Step 1: First of all, open the Opera menu from the top-left corner and select Settings option.

Opera browser Settings

Step 2: Go to the privacy and security section just from the left menu and enure to uncheck the option that says the following “Offer to save passwords I enter on the web”.

Opera Privacy & security section settings

In order to manage password on your opera browser, click on the Show all passwords button. And then proceed to click on where you see the cross (X) next to every password saved in order to remove it. 

Show all passwords opera Mini

Safari Browser
To disable the Save Passwords option and manage the previously saved passwords in Safari adhere to following steps below:

1. Just open up the Safari menu and click on Preferences.

Safari browser menu

2.Next proceed to uncheck the option Usernames and passwords to stop Safari from saving your passwords. 

Safari Usernames and passwords settings

To also manage previously saved passwords, click on the Edit button next to the Usernames and passwords option. The option to remove the password individually or in bulk is now left for to choose.

Microsoft Edge Browser
Likely in most Microsoft Edge Browser you can follow the below procedure to prevent the browser from saving your passwords:
1. Proceed to Microsoft Edge main menu at the top-right corner and click on Settings.

Microsoft Edge Browser settings

2. Now scroll down and click on the View advanced settings button at the end. Scroll further a bit and toggle off the button below the Offer to save passwords option to stop Microsoft Edge from saving your passwords. Just like other browser we have dealt with also click on the Manage my saved passwords button below it to see all the passwords and possibly delete them.

Internet Explorer
Also in Internet Explorer, you can also manage the Save Passwords option as well as the passwords saved before by taking the following

1. Click on the Gear menu at the top-right corner of the Internet Explorer and select Internet options.

Internet Explorer settings

2. Proceed to Content tab and then click on the Settings button in the AutoComplete section.

Internet Explorer AutoComplete section settings

3.Next Uncheck the checkbox next to Usernames and passwords on forms and Internet Explorer will stop asking you to save the password whenever you log in to any website.

Manage Passwords Internet Explorer

Click on the Manage Passwords button below it to see all the passwords and remove them if you want.

Best Alternative Steps to Delete saved passwords in bulk from your Browsers 

To get saved password disabled in your phone or laptop browsers, be it from Android OS, iOS devices, Blackberry, Nokia etc. Just go to the security settings of all the browsers and clear browsing data. The feature can as well delete or remove saved passwords in bulk and to get the feature or option in your browsers, just head to the Privacy and Security settings of the browser. There you will an option saved pasword, so check the option and click on delete to erase the password data. 

Clear saved password tool for browsers

You can as well use cleaning tool for carrying out delete task to your saved passwords in the 6 most widely used browsers mentioned above. CCleaner is a tool that enable users delete saved passwords in multiple browsers just at the same time. How to use the tool? You can use the cleaning tool by first opening it and navigating to Application section. From there you will see all the installed browsers on your device. Just select the option of saved passwords right under each of the browsers and then click on Run Cleaner to delete all the passwords stored in the browsers. 

delete save password in browsers

Also take note that CCleaner tool erases other type of junk files on pc if not for saved password deletion only. And if you wish not to delete junk files, then ensure to uncheck all the other options first.

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That’s all for how to delete saved passwords in Google chrome browser, Opera Mini browser, Firefox browser, internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Browser and Safari Browsers.