Guide On How To Open A US Bank Account and Get the MasterCard in Nigeria

Are you a business Man or Woman, a blogger, a website owner, a Marketer etc. Are you doing business that requires you to transfer or receive money from companies abroad or outside the country, probably America, Europe, China etc If you are into any of these, probably, you are going to need an online account for some of your transactions to be made easily.

You might not fall into the set of individuals mentioned above, and because of that, your own aim might be, just to get a US Bank account while in Nigeria or any country.

whichever set or category you fall into, that wants to own a US bank account, read on to achieve that.

Introducing Payoneer online account: Payoneer provides you with an online US Bank Account Number or routing number, and some other details that one needs in other to collect checks or receive payments from abroad to his/her own country (any country can serve) Nigeria, out side the US. The work of payoneer is to clear checks and load the money into your payoneer account. Once you are done with online Payoneer account registration. You are entitled for a master card, so that is to say, a free MasterCard will be shipped to you, for free of charge. With the prepaid card, you can be able to withdraw money from your payoneer account from any Bank ATM over 200 countries that is across the Globe.


To register for a US Bank account for free visit here
and click on "Sign Up"

Now, fill in your details on the provided Online forms with correct information about yourself.

For A-Z Guide On How To Register For Payoneer Account Without Mistakes, check here now.

You will get to see a particular form provided for you to enter a postal code or zip code address of your resident.
In case you don't know how to get the postal code of your residents, check here for that, don't make mistakes.

I just received a message today, from payoneer about their newly upgraded service, as you can now receive local bank transfers from your international customers. This is really good for all payoneer users. Read below, from their own words;
Dear Valued Customer,
Working internationally has never been simpler. With Payoneer’s Global Payment Service, you can now receive local bank transfers from your international customers – as if you had a local bank account. If you are an online seller, use your local receiving account to connect immediately with Amazon!
Log in to Payoneer to view your account details and start working globally.

Letter directly from payoneer with MasterCad

Once you are done with the registration, you will receive a mail from payoneer, informing you about the success in registration and the estimated time in which your payoneer MasterCard will arrive to your provided location.

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