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    How To Know The Zip Code Of Your Street or Place In Nigeria

    ZIP code which is also known as Postal code is such that is used when mailing a letter to someone or used when receiving an incoming letter from another. it indicate the the address of where you are residing. This very zip code is used by some online companies in verification form for any stuff being sent to any person. Companies such as: Google AdSense, ClickBank, payoneer online banking, Affiliate organizations, and many other sites on web/internet. They always require one to provide his/her postal code when filling their forms for negotiation in business or any thing at all. So, if you might have come across such when filling forms or about to meet such, here comes the very tips on what that is all about and how to get the correct postal code of your place.

    Have you asked your self, what is the postal code of my resident in Nigeria before? if yes, read on, to know your correct postal code address.

    ZIP Code address is such that is used in the United States of America and also here in Nigeria, with so many other countries.

    So, How Do I know the ZIP/Postal Code of Where I reside In Nigeria?

    To know that, it is very easy and simple. The ones in charge of Nigeria mailing system are called Nigeria postal service. The did their best in putting in place a better segment of a NIPOST website www.nigeriapostcodes .com, in other to solve and address the issue of postal codes for Nigerians. The enable you to fill the location of the particular place your are looking for its postal code, probably your place of resident, in a small provided box/form which you can find on their website, then click on submit button. After that, lo and behold the place which you entered on the small box or form, the postal code will be displayed for you to copy. That's it, now, you can copy the postal code of your resident and use it whenever it is required of you.

    Below is the screenshot with example on how it looks like.

    Image of NIPOST Postal Code

     Look the Up side on the page, you will see where to fill the below details to get your postal code:

    √ State
    √ Town
    √ Area
    √ Street

    TO CHECK NIGERIA ZIP/POSTAL CODE  visit www.nigeriapostcodes. com

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