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How To Register For Payoneer’s Dollar MasterCard in Nigeria

Registering for Payoneer account and getting to use its MasterCard in Nigeria is quite simple and easy if you actually follow my guide and steps stipulated in this article. This very step provided below will walk you through on how to apply for payoneer mastercard in Nigeria, that receives payment in foreign currencies like Dollar, Euro, pounds etc.

Payoneer Online Banking 

Payoneer is actually a company concerned about an online payment and transactions just like PayPal online account and payza. Although, it is a USA Bank account, but gives access to most countries for payments without being in US.

From payoneer, one is entitled to get a free US online account with a routing number that serves for receiving payment online. It can also transfer fund to fellow account holder.

The payoneer ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Machine) card can be use to purchase anything in online stores as long as the store in talk accepts prepaid cards and provided, you have money in your payoneer’s account. You can as well withdraw money using the MasterCard, from any ATM around the world.

The online banking platform also enables you to withdraw your money from any ATM machine associated with Nigerian Banks in local currency; for Nigerians using naira. You can buy things online with the debit card and do lots of transactions with it. It tends to be a better alternative to Paypal account.

Like some may ask, how possible is getting Dollar card to Nigeria from company that is located outside Nigeria? Well, gone are the days when that was a huge problem to Nigerians, this banking organization in question has made such task very easy for online traders or business men and women. Below is how to go about the registration of this Dollar MasterCard.

Requirements For Payoneer’s Dollar MasterCard

Some of the credentials in registering for this dollar card as a Nigerian include;

  1. Nigerian Voter’s card, or National ID card or Driving License.
  2. Your Full name
  3. Email address
  4. Full Nigerian residential address
  5. Date of birth
  6. Nigerian Phone number (used for verification and Two Factor authentication security)

The above credentials can serve as a valid method of identification for your payoneer’s approval during the registration process. But in a situation where you don’t have any of the above mentioned approved documents for the identification, then know it that the payoneer’s Mastercard would get to you via means of shipping for free of charge to your Nigerian Address. But it will not have payoneer’s Logo written boldly on it. Since none of the valid ID credentials was provided for valid identification verification.

The Master card usually arrive to your address within 22 to 29+ days in Nigeria or whichever location you filled during the registration.

Payoneer MasterCard

How to Create Payoneer Online Banking Account that issues Free Dollar MasterCard?

1. First of all, visit www.payoneer.com and then click on sign up to fill in your details.

create payoneer Account 2. Go ahead and fill in the form with your details, encompassing; your real name and address, just make sure the details appears correctly, just same the ones on your I.D (Voters card, Drivers license or National I.D). You will be required to fill in your resident Zip code.

3. Ensure to use a strong password which you can actually recall easily during the time of login. Also, in the registration section, you will be prompted to choose a secret Question and Answer. They actually serve during password recovery. As they can be used to get new password if eventually you lost the old password.

4. Choose your I.D type; if what you have is drivers license, select it from the options and then provide the details required. And for other I.D like voters card, National I.D etc choose OTHERS and fill your details as well.

5. Next, you will be required to enter alternative shipping address, if it’s different from the previous you entered. Ensure you don’t make any mistake when entering the address and also, make sure it’s a valid address. Remember, this address will be the one your payoneer Debit Card will be shipped to in Nigeria, and Same is applicable to other countries.

6. Now, review all that you have entered and check if you altered any information, if there is non then click on ORDER Button and that’s it. You are Almost there.

Your account should be under review for approval by Payoneer officials. So it will only take a minimum of two to three days for it to get approved, having that your I.D details provided are valid. With everything intact, your approval is sure, just keep checking your mail box for their approval message.

Let’s assume you are approved after all above, now your Payoneer MasterCard will be shipped to the address you provided in the section of alternate address, within the period of 22 to 29 days. So get ready in 3 to 5 weeks max for your MasterCard to be delivered to you.

Payoneer MasterCard Shipping And Activation 

Note: In case you Have waited up to 5 to 6 weeks and nothing showed up to the address you gave during application, just get your I.D and go to the nearest post office around the place of address you gave during application, and then enquire for the MasterCard.

Also, you can choose to go for fast delivery (3 to 6 days) but you will have to pay a fee of $50 for the shipping via DHL option.

Once your payoneer Card reaches you, the very last step will be to activate it. Now, you will have to login into your Payoneer Account dashboard through this address myaccount.payoneer.com

When you login, click on the option ACTIVATE, then enter any four digit of your choice as your password for the Card. Note the four digits is the password you will always use when withdrawing from the account.

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All the steps are now completed. Go ahead and enjoy your online account from payoneer. Note, with the payoneer card, you can withdraw from any Bank ATM of your choice; banks like Diamond, Eco-Bank, zennith, First Bank, Fidelity, UBA bank etc.

Ensure to keep your card safe because, if it should get to the wrong hands, it is possible to purchase online without using the pin. So safeguard the card.

FAQs on How To Register For Payoneer’s Dollar MasterCard in Nigeria

what is the Requirements For Payoneer's Dollar MasterCard registration?

Nigerian Voter’s card, or National ID card or Driving License. Your Full name Email address Full Nigerian residential address Date of birth Nigerian Phone number (used for verification and Two Factor authentication security)