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Holiday Tech Gifts Ideas for the Whole Family

The holiday season is fast approaching! And with it comes the confusion over what gifts to buy. But before you stress yourself out by scrolling through gift options online or walking up and down the aisles in gift shops looking for something appropriate, let us make your life a little easier.

Let’s get one thing straight. Technology is cool. Everyone enjoys a bit of coolness in their holiday gift. In fact, tech gifts are fast becoming the most popular gift options for the holiday season. Technology is no longer reserved only for the tech-savvy. With gadgets becoming more and more user-friendly, they are becoming easy to use and maintain.

Here are some amazing gift options that you can consider this holiday season. And they are useful to the whole family! There’s something for everybody.

1. A Projector

What’s better than watching a movie with your headphones on? A movie on a big display for the whole family! Add in some popcorn and there you have a family movie night. With a variety of options available in mini projectors for home use, streaming a movie on a big screen has never been so easy. So, when you get your family a mini projector, you are gifting them an opportunity to spend some time together! Isn’t that a gift everybody would cherish? Most projectors can be also coupled with gaming consoles; enough said!

projector gadget

Our top pick is the small and sleek Ultra Mini Portable Projector from Kodak. The size of a stack of post-it notes, this mini projector is as small as they can get. But there is no compromise on the quality of the projection. With vivid colors and awesome clarity, this projector can be used for screens up to 100 inches.

If you get invited by the family for a movie night, here’s a tip. Don’t forget the popcorn!

2. Home Security System

A Home Security System is a great gifting option, because, let’s face it, we all need it. And with security systems extremely easy to install and use, it is a gift everyone will appreciate. Whether you want to gift a complete home security system or help someone upgrade their existing system, add a few cameras and sensors, the options are plenty!

home security system

While it’s true that each security system can be slightly different from the other, some basics remain the same. So, if the family you are gifting their first-ever home security system is a little unsure about how to get started, learn the basics of installing a home security system. Or how about doing the installation yourself for grandma as a complementary addition to the gift?

3. Drones

Drones are quite popular with children and adults alike. It’s good fun for the whole family to play with a drone or to get the drone do little chores such as passing the bag of chips from one group to another or helping you take an air selfie! Even though they can be a little on the expensive side, drones are a great gifting option. With a wide variety of drones available in the market, you will literally be spoiled for choice. And you can be sure that your gift will be used well as the complete family takes turns being a pilot.

gift drones
drone system

A new addition for the drone enthusiasts are waterproof drones. Yes, you read that right! Ever been afraid that the drone you are using to get pictures around the lake might get too close to the water and get damaged? Or wished you had a drone that could tell you where the fish are and make fishing a breeze? Waterproof drones can even be used for fishing!

We won’t be surprised if you are tempted to get one for yourself too!

4. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Now, who wouldn’t appreciate a clean house? But it’s easier wished than done, especially if there are kids in the family. While this gift is not something that will be particularly appreciated by kids, their parents and older siblings will thank you for it. Yes, we are talking about the magical gadget also known as a robotic vacuum cleaner. It will clean up hard surfaces such as the floors as well as carpets and will clean up all nooks and corners to make the house dust free and totally ready for the kids again! What’s more, most of these robotic gadgets will take care of themselves, so you don’t have to. What we mean is, they will glide over to their charging points on its own. What else can one ask for!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The eufy Robovac is a great option for robotic vacuum cleaner. It comes with a super-thin design to go under the furniture, is wifi enabled, has an amazing suction power, and can be voice-controlled when paired with an Alexa device. Need we say more?

Don’t be surprised if the people you gift this vacuum cleaner to start introducing it to others as their ‘new best friend’.

5. A suitcase with a technology twist

A family that holidays together bonds better. A suitcase can be a great gift for families who love to travel. While everybody likes a good handy luggage bag, when you add a little bit of technology twist to it, it becomes an amazing gift. How about a suitcase that can be used to charge a mobile phone on the go? So no more losing out on holiday pictures because the phone battery is low.

tech suitcase

Away has some amazing luggage bag options in different sizes and a variety of colors. With an ejectable battery inbuilt, it can double up as a phone charger whenever you want. The battery used is compliant with airline policies, is TSA-approved and can be used in flights.

And every time the family you gifted this to travels, they are sure to remember your gesture.

We hope these ideas make the gifting process easier and more enjoyable for you. Feel free to buy yourself something from the list, too! ‘Tis the holiday season after all!