How To Check Your National ID Card Status Online At NIMC; Check Now

 National ID card is something that all suppose to have, especially those doing business within and out of the country. It is a useful item that identify someone anywhere  in the world, as it gives brief details about that person. National ID card is always required in most of online businesses for verification process. Some examples where the item is always needed, when opening a bank account, use in verification of paypal, google adsense etc and so many other things which am not able to list here that it can do, when you talk of National ID. If you have applied for National ID for a very long period of time and not able to know if it is ready or not, don't worry because, there is now an online platform which you can use to check if your own National ID is ready or not.

1. You will need to login to an online platform NIMIC here
2. Next, click on the Proceed button you see there.

3. Now, you should fill in the datails you used in registering the National ID just as follows...
Your First name, your last name and that of your National Identification Number and then click the ‘check now bottun’.

The process takes few seconds to show the status of your NIMIC, So be petient to that and in few secs you will be notified if your National ID is ready for collection or not. And if you are not yet enrolled, just do well to get your self enrolled for it because it is very important if you know what I mean. That's all, share the news to your friends with below social media buttons, and always stay tuned for more tech updates.
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