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Recover Forgotten Passwords: How to View or Delete Your Saved Google Security Passwords

By now, all should know that Google Chrome browser which we use for browsing on PC such as Laptop, and desktops etc. with mobile phones, saves and syncs your entered password across all your devices, thereby storing or saving your security password in Cloud storage for later use. So this tutorial will guide you on how to view your saved Google password if in case you forgot the password and needed to access it urgently. You can as well delete it from where it is auto saved in Google platform. Below is how to go about it.

Haven Google save and syncs your passwords and other login credentials to all or across all your devices is quiet good and bad. Talking about the good aspect, it will help you recover your forgotten password (login credentials) or even delete them from the auto saved password storage online. Also, talking about the bad aspect, since it is being stored in cloud storage and can be accessed in chrome browsers across all your used devices, one can easily hack the password for most of your frequently visited websites online. So both are they major advantage and disadvantage of the internet auto save Google passwords. So below is how to view or recover your forgotten passwords and delete them from the cloud storage if you so wish, provided you still know some of your Google account login credentials.

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View or Delete Saved Google Passwords

How to View Saved Google Account Passwords from Any Device 

You mustn’t use Chrome browser to access the passwords, you can still use other browsers and below is how to view that or delete it.   

Manage Auto-saved Google Passwords
Launch or open any browser of your choice and visit passwords.google.com.

Google password account

From here, you will be asked to enter some of your Google credentials, whether you are already logged in or not. This will ensure the safety of your accounts from hacking of any sort. So someone can hardly access your Chromebook for your passwords. 

From the top of the screen when logged in, you can set up the settings either to enable or disable the smart lock for passwords and Auto sign-in. 

Google Smart  Password Lock

From there, when you scroll down you will get to see all the saved passwords for all the website you created account with. You can change your password from here in case you are been faced with data breach of any sort.  

Recover Forgotten Passwords

To view the passwords, just click the eye icon. And to delete any password from Google auto saved cloud storage, just click the trash icon. 

Also scroll down to see most of the websites you asked ‘’Google auto save password’’ not to save your login credentials. You can delete it if you want Google to start asking for permission to save your passwords when you try logging into any platform in the internet. 

Chrome never save password.

Finally, you must have seen the secrets to your Google saved passwords from above. So if you don’t like the idea of Google automatically saving your security passwords, then you can disable or delete such function from being active. Although, if you ask me, I would say, you really need not to disable such function because the passwords are encrypted in your Google account, and also if you have the Google two-factor authentication enabled, then have it that its safe and secured.

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That’s all for recovering or viewing all your saved Google passwords online such as Gmail, YouTube, Alo, Blogger, Google Adsense etc. or other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, instagram, trello, tumblr, WordPress etc. You can tell us what you think about this through below comment box and ensure to share to friends who might be in need of it. Thank You.