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Here’s Your Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Find the Best Battery for Inverter This Year

Finding the best battery for inverter isn’t rocket science if you know where to look and what to look for. If you are thinking of upgrading your existing power backup system or getting a new battery for your freshly purchased inverter unit, you are at the right place because we are going to give you the insights you have been looking for, so keep reading! 

It All Starts with the Build Quality

A battery’s build quality is the most important thing if you are looking for a service life and lower cost of ownership. No one shops for batteries every day, it’s something that should last anywhere from 5-10 years.

Therefore, always ensure that the battery you are thinking of buying is of the highest build quality. Go for a battery that’s manufactured using the HADI or the High-Pressure Gravity Type Casting method as opposed to the Low-Pressure Gravity Type Casting, and the Gravity Casting methods, as it is more efficient, robust and durable, meaning you get a long service life and would be spending a lot less in maintenance. 

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Picking the Type of Battery

You can choose between the GEL, Tubular and Flat plate battery types. All 3 of them are designed in unique ways and have their own USP’s

  • GEL Battery: These environment-friendly batteries are great for homes with kids as they have zero spillage risks and don’t release any harmful gases or fumes in the atmosphere. Moreover, they are 20% more efficient compared to the other types of batteries in its class. 
  • Tubular Battery: The Tubular battery is designed to be a powerhouse perfect for running heavy-duty appliances during longer power cuts. If you are someone who’s looking for a battery that can handle heavier loads and perform exceptionally well even under high temperatures, then this is the battery for you. 
  • Flat Plate Battery: The flat plate battery is compact in size and is best for smaller homes with less space. They are powerful and can handle heavy load appliances during shorter and frequent power cuts. So, if you want something that’s compact and live in an area plagued with frequent power cuts, then a flat plate battery is what your home needs. 

Deciding on the Power Capability 

The final point that makes the best battery for inverter, especially for your home will be its ability to handle the required loads efficiently. Look for the Ah or the Ampere hour rating of the battery—the higher it is, the more powerful the battery is. So, depending on the number of equipment you want to run, the required amount of backup you need and the number of heavy appliances in your home; choose a battery that is able to handle those loads efficiently. 

Getting the proper inverter battery for your power backup system is key to increasing the overall service life of the entire system, as the wrong choice of battery can have a huge impact on the system, including your home appliances. Therefore, keep these 3 things in mind when choosing the best battery for inverter for your home, as they will help you quickly sift through the multitude of options online. 

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