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Inverter Battery Prices in Nigeria 2021

Inverters are those electronic devices that are used to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). They can be totally electronic or can comprise a combination of mechanical effects (as in a rotary apparatus) and electronic circuits. Below are specifications and prices of latest and best inverter batteries, you should go for, in order to get a satisfactory usage in power supply.

It is really amazing when you come to think about how inverters have greatly changed the way through which power is being generated and consumed globally. Formally, the only way to charge batteries was through electricity. But now, electrically can be stored up and used when there is no supply of electrical power. You will know better about what I mean if you have at one point or the other seen an inverter battery. These types of batteries are tagged “heavy duty” and they are those types which are being used by very large trailers and trucks.

When constructing and installing inverters, you will find out that inverter batteries are very important components. As a matter of fact, the inverter batteries are seen as the power-house of the inverter and without them, there is no possible way of storing electricity. The batteries make up some of the parts which are packed indoors (that is, for an inverter that uses solar). These batteries are perfectly safe and cause no amount of damage. As a matter of fact, close to zero reports have been logged about electrical related surges being caused as a result of using inverter batteries.

For centuries, batteries have proven to be an essential commodity as they can be used for so many things, which include being another source of power supply. Although batteries of nowadays have taken up a more fashionable and attractive look, they still retain similar level of functionality as the old ones, even more. There cases are actually closed and they are coated with a very fine plastic finish on the exterior. The designs of the batteries have undergone some level of upgrading so as to add some amount of class and style to it, thereby making away with the previous crude look, and to be a perfect blend into wherever it is to be used.

Prices of Inverter Batteries in Nigeria

You might probably be thinking about buying a battery or two to be used by your inverter, and probably not aware of the price. If you are, then you need not think further because I have taken out the time to put together some guidelines in order to educate you on how much inverter batteries can be purchased for in the market. Some of these batteries can either be sold individually (single unit) or as pairs (2 or 4). Always ensure that you get the right one based on the specification that you went to the market with. As a rule of thumb, it is better you even go to the market with an experienced technician so that he can guide you in getting the right one.



The notable features of this type of battery are:

  • The battery brand is Mercury.
  • It has a capacity of 12V/200AH for each one in the set of 4.
  • It is ideal for both UPS systems and Power Inverters.
  • Its’ output and performance are fully maximized and very efficient even under very tough conditions.
  • It has the ability to keep itself from deep-discharge and from overcharging.
  • It is properly protected from corrosion and leakage.
  • Range of Price: 430,000 NGN – 470,000 NGN

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The Ritar 12V/80AH (power) inverter battery happens to be a deep-cycle inverter battery which was manufactured by the Ritar VRLA Company. It is an awesome power inverter and it comes with the features listed below:

  • A power inverter battery capacity of 12V
  • A current rating of 80AH
    It’s sealed and it’s maintenance is free
  • Range of Price: 50,000 NGN – 60,000 NGN


The notable features of this type of battery are:

  • A very strong and reliable system for power supply. Can be used for special networks or for LANs.
  • Very good for use by communication systems such as
  • Mobile-Base Stations, Data Centers, Broadcasting and Radio Stations, Switches, Microwave Stations, and a host of others.
  • A very good solution for office and home power challenges.
  • Embedded with UPS and EPS systems.
  • Comes with EMS (Emergency Lighting Systems) and Signal Systems.
  • Range of Price: 120,000 NGN – 140,000 NGN


The notable features of this type of battery are:

  • The brand of the battery is Mercury.
  • It has a capacity of 12V/200AH.
  • It is ideal for both UPS systems and Power Inverters.
  • Its’ output and performance are fully maximized and very efficient even under very tough conditions.
  • It has the ability to keep itself from deep-discharge and from overcharging.
  • It is properly protected from corrosion and leakage.
  • Range of Price: 100,000 NGN – 120,000 NGN


The Genus Power Inverter batteries come super sealed and are built to withstand aging induced by time. Meaning that they are built to last very long by the same manufacturing group that made Luminous. The battery, when it has been charged fully, provides you with at least twelve (12) hours of usage time in the absence of power.

  • Range of Price: 100,000 NGN – 130,000 NGN


Produced by Johnsons Control Company, Germany.

  • It offers you a company warranty for a period of two (2) years.
  • It has an estimated lifespan of fifteen (15) years.
  • This type of battery is the best bet for all those solar systems with high performance, those electrical boats that require high rate of power consumption, motorhomes, yachts, etc.
  • The battery is equally known to last very long, like up to 8 times stronger, stable, and more durable, surpassing those of our normal, everyday batteries.
  • It is very resilient and comes with a hundred (100) percent leak-proof construction.
  • It happens to be a perfect match for all your supply and starter kit requirements.

Other Best inverter batteries Available 

There are other power inverter batteries which can be found in different categories as listed below:

> Universal Chef Deep-Cycle Power Inverter Battery. Range of price: 45,000 NGN – 60,000 NGN

> US-185 XC2 Flooded-Lead-Acid Battery of 12V/200AH Capacity. Price: 135,000 NGN

> Luminous Power Inverter Battery of 12V/200AH Capacity. Price: 118,000 NGN

> Genus Power Inverter Battery with a current capacity of 200AH (4 units). Price: 478,500 NGN

> Jakson Power Inverter Battery of 12V/200AH Capacity. Range of price: 119,000 NGN – 134,000 NGN

> Sukam Power Inverter of 12V/200AH Capacity (SMF). Range of price: 115,000 NGN – 125,000 NGN

> Flames Power Inverter Battery of 12V/180AH Capacity. Range of price: 85,000 NGN – 92,000 NGN

Other Necessary Information About Power Inverter Batteries

Power inverter batteries are known to come in various sizes and brands and this dependent on some certain criteria. The most outstanding criteria of a power inverter battery is its’ capacity.

The current rating (AH) and voltage (V) in most cases, determines the cost of the power inverter battery (how cheap or how expensive it will be). My advice is that you should try and find out what your home or office needs in terms of power consumption first before you start heading over to the market to buy a power inverter battery.

So whether you are buying or using a direct-source power inverter or a solar power inverter, they must use batteries. In some instances, you might need just a small power inverter battery in order to supply power to one or two household or office appliances. It all boils down to your preferences and needs. There are those batteries which can only supply little power to some light-power-consumption appliances, and there are also those batteries that have greater capacities and can supply power to household appliances such as refrigerators and air-conditioners.

Where to Buy Inverter battery Online

You can actually purchase these inverters online via shopping stores listed below. After successful payment through your card or transfer, the product will be shipped to your desired location. Note: Before you order, do ensure the product is available for your own country in the online stores, so as to avoid inconveniences. Also thoroughly go through the features so as to select the right choice. Always read the healthy safety description note attached and go ones with warranty. Some online stores to get this products at cheaper rate are as follows;

  • Jumia
  • Amazon,
  • Alibaba etc.


At this point, you are now exposed to all the prices of the various types, sizes and brands of batteries that are in the market. So it is time to think and shop wisely, and like I said earlier, it is best to go with an experienced technician so as not to be shortchanged out there. Also, this article will be getting frequent updates on some of inverter accessories, such as prices, chargers and other features.