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Struggling to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription? Here’s How

Amazon Prime has proven to be an incredibly popular subscription service offered by the tech giant. The service is multifaceted in the sense that it offers improved shipping of goods purchased and access to Amazon’s entertainment library which includes access to popular TV series and movies. Amazon Prime also allows users to legally own various forms of digital media which have been a godsend to a large number of consumers often found in a legal grey area where piracy was rife.

While the subscription service comes with several attractive benefits, circumstances do change, and the need for a subscription service like Prime dwindles. Paying for a subscription service you don’t use is simply a waste of your hard-earned cash but canceling the service is not as simple as waving a magic wand.

Too Hard to Cancel

So you saw some great value in Amazon’s annual Prime Day and needed to scratch that retail therapy itch. In the coming months, you have noticed you use the service less and less to the point that the monthly subscription is no longer of value. Now you need to cancel.

Where do you begin? Your first starting point may be trying to navigate the often monolithic and confusing Amazon web app interface resulting in confusion and frustration. The next step might involve turning to Google and being bombarded with ads for the service you are trying to cancel and badly recorded YouTube videos. All in all less than ideal.

To illustrate this problem, the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) which acts as that country’s consumer watchdog, has issued a complaint stating that canceling Prime borders on too difficult. The complaint specifically states,

“Throughout the process, Amazon manipulates users through wording and graphic design, making the process needlessly difficult and frustrating to understand,”

Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad, director of digital policy at the NCC, further noted that,

“It should be as easy to end a subscription as it was to subscribe in the first place. Amazon should facilitate a good user experience instead of hindering customers and tricking them into continuing paid services they do not need or want,”

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How to Cancel

Until the time comes that canceling Amazon Prime is as simple as the NCC would like it to be here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel amazon prime subscription. Complete the following steps to cancel your subscription:

  • Sign in to your Amazon account. The sign button can be found near the top right-hand corner.
  • Access Amazon Prime’s web section. This can be done by clicking the accounts and lists button in the top right then clicking through to Prime Membership Option.
  • Select Membership. This will allow you to cancel or update your membership profile. You will be presented with a dropdown menu that will provide the “End Membership” option, click the selection.
  • You will be provided with an option to maintain some benefits and another last-ditch effort to keep you signed up. Simply click “End Membership” if you are not going to stay subscribed or keep specific benefits.


As one can see the NCC has a point regarding canceling your Prime subscription. It is not impossible but it is by far not the easiest approach with the last steps being designed to keep users subscribed. It is hoped that this guide successfully navigates you through the process of ending your Prime Membership without too much hassle.