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Smartphone integrated Display Plus Rotary Camera: from edge to infinity-O screen

For a long time, Trend in mobile market is moving among the most famous smartphone companies to use the maximum screen, and these days we are less likely to see the handsets that have got the upper and lower ranges, but this is a step-by-step approach to reaching What is an ideal display? Come along to #Techbmc Facebook Page for more insight on the review of this mobile technologies.
Smartphone integrated Camera Display
Smartphone integrated Camera Display

Step-by-step towards the ideal display

Screen Display; the first step

The idea of ​​the so-called stylish handsets with the iPhone was popularly known as the “X”, but users did not appreciate a crop at the top of the phone. Nonetheless, many Android handsets were designed with the same design, all accused of imitation of the iPhone X.

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Slightly slower, the iPhone X was not the first handset of the Nacht style

Interestingly, although the iPhone 4‘s stylish handsets were popular among users, Sharp introduced Sharp Aquos S2 for the first time with Sharp Aquos S2. In fact, the handset, which completely removed the top edge of the display, placed a very small crop on the top of the camera, it’s the first niche style handset. Of course, only a few days apart, the Snapfone handset was unveiled with a similar design in terms of the display. In fact, both phones were unveiled in August 2017, while the iPhone X was unveiled in October 2017.

Sharp AquaS2 smartphone
Sharp AquaS2 smartphone

Nach is different from the iPhone X

The idea of ​​using the Nacht on the iPhone X was completely different with the idea of ​​using both Sharp and Snapdragon phones. If you look at the designs, you might be looking at the only bigger one on the iPhone X, but with the removal of the lower margin, Apple did not just use the selfie to put the camera on the top, but it was also the location of several other sensors.

iphone x sensors
iphone x sensors

Nach dial

The crop we saw on the top of the iPhone was a lot of the top of the screen, but in the water drop, we tried to remove all the bits and saw a much smaller niche than the iPhone X’s, which eventually reached the top edge The phone comes out At the moment, devices such as Huawei ™ 20, Oppo F9, Vivo X23, VanPlus 6T and more.

Infinity-o screen

After using the diameter of the smartphone, we probably did not think it could be smaller, and the larger screen was available, but the technology never stops moving. It was exactly when Samsung unveiled four different stylists that the Infinity-O screen was an attractive option, and the Samsung Galaxy S10‘s 2013 flagship was precisely the same design.

The infinity-O screen difference with the diagonal screen here is that we do not see any extra space at the top of the camera, and only one point occupying the Selfie camera is occupied by the screen.

samsung display
unveiled samsung display

Pop-up cameras

The infinity-O screen was an appealing option, but more attractive options came after the display. The pop-up camera was one of those options, thanks to this design, we did not see any nach in the handset. For example, we can point to the X27, which used exactly the same design and provides a full-screen display.

Sliding and rotating camera

After the infinity-O display, Samsung offered an interesting and interesting idea to provide a solid selfie camera in addition to providing an integrated display. The Samsung idea, unveiled with the Galaxy A80, was a slider and a twist on the camera, eliminating both the niche and the concept of a Selfie camera.