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Instagram About to Disable Number of Like Counters – See What to do

Instagram is one of the most utilized social networks around the world, one of its most important features is the ability to label and display nicknames. Now, however, it seems that the administrators of this social network decided to remove the number of likes from the Instagram to provide a healthier social media network. Get more of our update by liking Techbmc Facebook Page. 
instagram to disable number of like counter
instagram to disable number of like counter for public users

This decision has not yet entered the implementation stage and has not been tested, but if done, only the person who shared the post can figure out how many of the icons they have. This way, users will focus more on post instead of being involved with the number of likes per post.

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A person named Jin Wong, despite the Instagram claim, claims Instagram has begun testing this feature. He has been reviewing the source codes of the Android version of Instagram and has even published screenshots of this feature. He explained on Twitter how to hide the number of tokens on Instagram:

Instagram is testing the ability to hide the number of likes from users. In this program, we have the following sentence: We ask our fans to focus on your post, not the number of likes it has gained.

 Instagram Like counter disabled 

Hide the number of likes and changes in user behavior

The number of likes that each post receives from the user’s side causes many users to take strange, and sometimes even immoral, tricks to get more likes. Sometimes these people even resort to lies. Therefore, we can not compare the Instagram space with any kind of social media network such as LinkedIn.

If we want to look at the story in terms of advertising, almost everyone goes to pages that have high-likes. As a result, many pages are trying to get high-likelihood posts with the same tricks we talked about.

Instagram users’ behaviors; do not go crazy

There are many people whose collective behavior affects them. Undoubtedly, seeing that a single post has gotten so many tweaks can encourage them to just like that post. The Bazar sample is the same as the famous egg; the most inspiring post in Instagram.

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Undoubtedly, such adventures will disappear with the ability to not display the number of likes. On the other hand, the likelihood that different page administrators would spin out to get more likes is less. On the other hand, the simple benchmark and, of course, the likeness of a number of likes for the good of a post is also deleted and instead of the attention of users will be attracted to the comments. Hence, publishing a low-profile image with a nonsensical, thought-provoking image would probably not attract a lot of users. With this simple feature, Instagram and its users will be more hands-on-friendly with the addition of this simple feature.

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