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Revitalize your Fire TV Device with these Top 10 Streaming Apps

Purchasing a Fire TV device from Amazon makes sense if you have a non-Smart TV at home. But then, is the pre-existing set of apps good enough to provide the best home entertainment experience?

I am not very sure as being a platform-dependent streaming brand, Amazon Fire TV devices rely way too much on Prime Video when content streaming is concerned. However, this breed of streamers is extremely customizable and allows you to sideload several third-party applications for experiencing content, more holistically than ever. 

Nevertheless, finding the best streaming application for your Fire TV stick or Cube can be tricky enough as there are a plethora of paid and unpaid options in the market to choose from. This is why I have curated a pretty targeted selection of you, considering the fact that you are more inclined towards Fire TV devices as compared to the likes of Roku, Apple TV, and other streamers.

I have put together a list of 10 inventive apps that boasts a massive content library and ensure that you never have to search elsewhere for getting your daily dose of entertainment. 

1. Netflix

Here is a content streaming platform that doesn’t need any introduction. Plus, the user interface is one of the more agile ones on any top-shelf OTT platform. While you would still require a subscription to get going, you wouldn’t mind paying a nominal fee for getting access to a wide range of classic content, numerous shows, and even Netflix Originals that are hard to find online. 

Netflix tv streaming app

Also, with Netflix by your side, you can dig into a wide range of content options based on quality and even explore foreign languages with alternate audio and subtitles to rely on. 

2. Kodi

Every streamer requires a holistic content viewing platform that can stream movies, TV shows, music and games, all at once. This is where Kodi comes into play as it offers the highest form of flexibility and even allows you to pair several add-ons along the way to make life easier. 

If you are interested in the curated features, it is the elegant UI that steals the show followed by Kodi’s ability to access thousands of different movies. Plus, you can even replace the Prime Photos on the concerned Fire TV device and get access to screenshots and photos via mirroring. 

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3. Crunchyroll

While Netflix has a content library of its own, you might even want to access outbound options. This is where Crunchyroll comes forth as the app of interest, fortified with a responsive content searching tool and the ability to use a paid membership plan for an ad-free experience. However, if you are willing to bear the adverts, the free variant is also good enough and offers a wide range of content viewing options. 

4. Disney+

I chose to sideload the Disney+ application only to experience the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this application, albeit a paid one, is way more expressive as it houses content options from Pixar, National Geographic, Disney, and more for helping you experience entertainment at its holistic best.

5. Cinema APK

Streaming premium and exclusive content is fine but what about on-demand TV shows and movies? This is where installing Cinema APK on Firestick or any other Fire TV device makes sense as it allows you to explore an entire world of elusive and time-sensitive content without breaking a sweat. 

While there are several good things about this streaming platform, I was most impressed with the intuitive yet simple layout. That said, interacting with Cinema APK is an experience in itself as this application doesn’t actually have a content library of its own. Instead, it connects with multiple servers in real-time and makes high-quality content available in no time.

Also, you can easily search for TV shows of choice and even access online content with this streaming app installed on Fire TV devices.

6. BBC iPlayer

Have a penchant for British TV shows! Sideload the BBC iPlayer at the earliest!

While it resembles Netflix when content quality and libraries are concerned, it primarily features UK-based programs, which are of the highest possible quality. However, there is a lot more to the app than what meets the eye. With the BBC iPlayer you can even get access to Live Sports, documentaries, and select IPTV shows. 

Also, you can locate this app on Amazon’s store, which makes installation easier than some of the other apps on the list that require a jailbroken Fire TV Stick. Not to mention the integrated download facility followed by the ability of this app to offer over hundred channels for an unhindered viewing experience. 

7. Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV is easily the best alternative to the now-defunct, yet immensely popular Terrarium TV. While the state-of-art content library is worth indulging in, I was most impressed by the classy interface and the excellent streaming quality, led by the fastest possible response times.

Also, this is one of the few apps on the list to offer parental control, thereby ensuring that your children do not have access to adult content.

8. CatMouse APK

If you are more into content streaming and less into downloading, the CatMouse APK seems like the best option to sideload on the Fire TV devices, courtesy of the high-quality options, exceptionally big catalog, and the ability to fetch the best possible server links with unmatched quality. 

9. YouTube

While movies, TV shows, and documentaries can be best explored by some of the apps already mentioned on the list, you need to get the YouTube app on the Fire TV devices at the earliest to experience genre-independent content, informative videos, random compilations, and whatnot.

Plus, this app allows you to experience a whole new world of music whilst facilitating playlist creation. Also, there is a premium, ad-free version available, which allows you to experience premium and exclusive content, sans any interference.

10. HBO Now

If the delayed release of the HBO Max has left you heartbroken, you seriously need to get the HBO Now app at the earliest. With this app to rely on, you need not wait for the HBO Max to feature on Amazon’s platform as every show can then be experienced, courtesy of the updated and active library.

Plus, the video streaming quality is top-notch as HBO Now makes it a point to fetch links only from the best servers across the globe. Finally, this app is compatible with the remote control and the voice integration that Amazon’s Fire TV devices are best known for. This way it becomes easier to navigate through the app, interact with the videos, and handle the interface, sans hassles.

Regardless of the app, you choose to sideload first, I would advise you to use a premium VPN to ensure IP masking. Most ISPs are capable of tracking your internet usage and end up throttling the speeds when they find you streaming and downloading content without any sort of capping.

This is where a VPN with split tunneling support comes in handy as it allows you to redirect streaming traffic via a private network different from what the ISP would be monitoring. Also, if you are deep into Netflix and YouTube and interested in carrying the concerned Fire TV device on trips and professional meetings across the globe, a VPN can help you enjoy region-restricted content, without several workarounds.