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Top 20 Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online HD

Are you feeling bored? Are you looking for a way out of it? Do you love Hindi movies? Well this article is just for you. With the way the world is going, we tend to get bored with life, work and even social media. So sometimes, watching movies can be a great way of escape because it takes you out of life into the world of that movie, hence, satisfying you.

This article is about to show you the top 20 sites where you can watch HD Hindi movies online without having to download them to your device.

Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online without HD Download


Today, Netflix is a household name. Netflix is one of the best and widely used streaming platform. Netflix films and shows are original and there’s no room for adverts and interruptions while streaming or watching. Netflix needs to be subscribed before using ,however, it offers one month free trial and with that you can watch all your favorite movies till then and afterwards, you’ll be charged a monthly fee.

Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online without HD Download

2. ZEE5

Here’s a known name, isn’t it? We all know Zee world, Zee cinema, Zee media, right? Bet you do. As a sub branch of the Zee media company, Zee5 is a website where you can watch popular Hindi movies as well as movies of other tongues dubbed in Hindi. Zee5 is free, although you might have to go through a process of signing up with your email address and creating a profile which is so easy since the site is legit. Now what do you say? Will you binge on Zee5 this weekend?


The good thing about BigFlix is that it is free. Not only that. It has legal access to lots of Bollywood movies which means the movies there are non-pirated. Also, there are other movies apart from those in Hindi tongue that can be streamed. Movies in Tamil, Malayali, Bengali are can be streamed on this platform! Cool, isn’t it? What’s more, you can watch the Hindi dubbed version of these movies too. What are you waiting for? Run to BigFlix!


In GoFilms4U, you can watch as many Bollywood movies as you want. The best news is that you don’t have to sign up and can watch if you don’t have subscription. To watch movies from GoFilms4U website, use the website link via any search engine, open the tab and search for the movies you’ll like to watch, then stream it. As simple as that. There are so many movies on this website and just a few adverts in them. However, it is effective for watching movies and killing boredom.


This website is legit and superb if you want to watch Hindi movies for free. You don’t need to log in to anything or download. Just stream and watch for free. Another amazing thing about Yomovies is that the Hindi dubbed version of Hollywood movies and others are available. Just make use of the website link on any search engine. Check for movies available or search for those you would like to watch. Amazing, right?


Fmovies is a site with collections of different kinds of Bollywood movies just for your fun! You don’t need to sign up or log in to anywhere. Just use the link on your search engine, find your movie and watch without stress. There are few ads and redirected pages which could seen as a hassle but in all, your movie quality is not affected. And yes! You can watch other movies dubbed in Hindi. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Jio cinema is used to watch Hindi movies. You only need to have a Jio sim card and open an account with it, then access the website and stream your movies for free. There are various kinds of movies in Jio cinema for your pleasure and that includes English movies. Grab a Jio sim card, open an account and access the website, grab a drink, watch and relax.


It is what it is. Watch movies for free at WATCHMOVIESFORFREE. You don’t need to sign up or any other thing apart from using it’s link on your favorite search engine. Get to the platform and search for the movie you want, stream and watch. All for free!


This website is amazing with its unique web designs. Snagfilms is necessary to use in watching Hindi movies. It has myriad of Hindi movies with different genre, generation and themes. One more good thing, in Snagfilms, they are translated subtitles just for your satisfaction. What are you waiting for? Make use of Snagfilms today.


Here is another amazing website; Spuul. This is where you can watch several movies for free. There’s no requirement as signing up and creating any account. You just need to access the website and that’s it. The website is easy to access and the process is smooth. There lots of Bollywood movies available for you to enjoy. This website is wonderful if you want to watch Hindi movies online.


Do you know you could watch Hindi movies on YouTube? You can! With the YouTube app, you can go search for a movie for there are lots and lots of Bollywood movies for your pleasure. Then you select the movie of your choice, stream and watch with so much ease. Make use of the YouTube app in your device for watching your favorite Hindi movie.


Apart from Wynk music, Airtel has provided another amazing services by creating Airtel Xtream for watching movies and shows. Airtel Xtream is a website where you can stream as many and many movies and shows online at no cost. To have access to this wonderful services, you’ll need a Airtel sim card which will be used an account for you and that’s all. What do you think?


HiiuDudeMV Is a superb website with tons of movie collections to stream. You don’t have to sign up to watch your favorite Hindi movies on this website. The website has foreign movies as well, which can be dubbed in Hindi. It also updates itself with the latest and trendy movies from time to time. The process is easy and without hassle and the movies there are of high quality.


Hungama is another familiar name, isn’t it? Hungama is the largest entertainment website that is free. It has a wide variety of content. On this website, you can watch Bollywood movies for free for 30 days. After that period, you’ll have to pay to watch some movies and shows. There are also series ,music and other entertainment shows available on Hungama for your satisfaction.

15. VOOT

Voot is a website that is vast. It is recommended for all age bracket and it is superb. Very easy to access and stream without issues. There are lots of Hindi and foreign movies available for every kind of audience and it can be watched with subtitles. Voot is a website where you can watch movies with your family.


Hotstar is a website and an app by Star channels. Hotstar shows movies shown on Star TV channel. The website views foreign movies and they may be dubbed as Hindi as well. To have access to this service, you’ll need to sign up with your email ID to create an account. You might also need to subscribe to watch your movies without advertisements and other distractions. Hotstar is believed to be the best website to watch Telegu movies.


In YuppFlix, you can watch lot of movies and reality shows in Hindi as well as in foreign languages. It has a two week free trial which can be well utilized. There are various kinds of movies available for you pastime. The website is smooth and user-friendly. YuppFlix also enables you to filter out what you’d like to watch and that is superb.


This site is popular and highly used worldwide. Although you might need to subscribe to Amazon to use, you can stream movies for free at the beginning for a month. You won’t be charged a dime for a whole month. Isn’t that a opportunity to watch all the movies you crave for? To have access to Amazon Prime, you’ll have to sign up and enjoy a month of nonstop streaming for free. Sounds great? Yes!


HDFriday is one of the best channels to watch Hindi movies. There are different kinds of genre available on this website; comedy romantic comedy, melodrama, tragedy, family drama ,old movies and the trendy ones, all are available in HDFriday. Watching movies from this website doesn’t drain out your data and that is so cool. We highly recommend this website to you.


You don’t have to sign up but to access this nice website to stream and watch your favorite movies. HindiLinks4U is a superb website to stream and watch Hindi and Hindi dubbed moves at no cost. The website is so easy to access and the streaming quality is top notch. Speaking of a movie quality as high as 4k HD, isn’t that great? Enjoy this weekend using HindiLinks4U to stream movies.

Now you have them all. 20 of the best website where you can stream and watch your Hindi and Bollywood movies at no cost and without downloading. Hope we’ve helped you kill the boredom, if we had, we’re happy. Enjoy your streaming and watching.