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MTN Launches Their Digital TV Services To The Public

MTN Nigeria being one of the best Telecom Networks in Nigeria, decided to launch to the public their broadcast and OTT-VOD service. This very development means that if you are in Nigeria, you can now watch TV programs with any smart phone you are with at that very moment. Not only that, you can as well work with several other electronic devices through Some Top platforms which examples include; BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, etc

 Are you alert to news? if yes, you could remember last year, 700MHz spectrum license was issued to MTN Network by NBC. And That which was issued to them (700MHz spectrum license) serves as a digital broadcast license that will allow or enable them to deliver broadcasting services respectively
with the very core data and voice service deivery business to the world.

As it was said in Punch.ng news by the MTN Chief Executive Officer in Nigeria particular, He said, this will enable and give freedom to subscribers on MTN network, to watch any of their favourite programs, when they choose MTN Video on Demand Service, and not only to watch a specific broadcast time alone.
Below is his words

…“Once we commence full commercial activities, the TV service will deliver an exciting bouquet of rich local and international content to Nigerians”.

Still on the matter of 4G LTE, that MTN promised the public this year. Did you forget or still waiting?
We are hoping to see the innovation soon. I think with time, that will be put to place, so let’s keep waiting fans.