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How To Transfer MB – Data to Anyone on MTN, Etisalat and Airtel Networks

Are you using any of these networks that include; MTN, Etisalat, and Airtel. Do you wish to transfer or share your megabyte to your friends on any of the nerworks listed above? if yes, here comes the very guide to achieve that.

The aforementioned networks above, enables you to subscribe for an internet data plan and same time gives you the opportunity to share or transfer the data with anyone you like. It could be to friends, loved ones etc. And the transfer is done on same network, eg MTN to MTN number, or Airtel to Airtel number etc.

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Below is How to transfer/share megabytes From one Number in a Network to Another Number In that Same Network. So read on and get it done on the particular network you are using.

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How To Transfer Megabyte (MB) on Airtel Network

Sharing data on Airtel network is as simple and easy like when you are reciting the Alphabets in English.
The very step is just to dial a USSD code with the amount and then hit the send button on your phone, And that’s all.
For Example:

==> If you want to transfer 10MB data to another number: just dial this USSD code in this format *141*712*11* the Recipent Number Here#
Eg; *141*712*9*0802000000# 

==>To share 25MB only: dial the code in this format *141*712*9*recipent number#

==>if you are Transferring 60MB, then dial this code using this format: *141*712*4*recipent number#.

Note: To get more information on how to share your MB, if you are using Airtel network, then dial this code *141*1#. From there, you will know their Terms and Conditions attached to sharing megabyte.

How To Transfer Data (MB) On Etisalat Network

==>This as well can be shared with the following format provided, which can be; *229*The Recipient number*MB you are sharing# then, click on the send button.

For Example: *229*08010000000*20#
where (20) is the amount of megabyte you want to share to the person.

How To Transfer MB On MTN Network

Before you start using MTN data share, you are to register for the service and get your own unique code. That is to say, without registering for it, you cannot be able to make use of the data share service.
==> 1. To register dial this code *131*2*1# or go by sending text message to 131. That is, REG to 131.
after that wait for a reply message from MTN, they will send a four digit PIN to you, which is always 0000 and the PIN appears to be their default security code.

==>2. You are to change the default security pin to your own legit four digits pin, that you can remember easily when needed. So let’s do that now.
Dial this *131*2*5# or go by writing a message, which can be in this format;
Change Old default PIN(leave a space) Your NEW Choice of Four digit PIN(leave a space) Repeat NEW PIN
E.g. 0000 2468 2468 and sent to 131.

You have successfully bypass the first stage, then the second stage is, Adding the numbers you wish to share the megabyte with. You can add up to five numbers either from your friends or from your family members.

==> To add the numbers dial *131*2*3# or text the number of  beneficiary with your PIN to 131.
Example: 08168644923 2468 send to 131, that’s it.

==>Having done with the above steps, next is to transfer the MB to any of the numbers you added as beneficiary. To transfer MB dial *131*2*4# or use the message method, by sending  SHARE PIN to 131.
Example: share 2468 to 131

Congratulation, you can now share and transfer MB to your friends and families without much work to do. If you found this post interesting, please share.