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Learn How To Undo And Redo Text On Any Android Device Using Inputting+ CTRL Z/ CTRL Y

Today, I will be teaching you guys how to use an option of Redo and Undo on your smart android devices.
Hope you know, there is no option to redo or even undo if you mistakenly clear or type text on any android phone. Am going to guide you on that with simplified steps, so that whenever you mistakenly wipe huge text, you can be able to retrieve it back through undo or redo option. This guide will benefit all using android right from U.S.A and other countries, as long as, your device is android. Read on to see how to use short codes like Ctrl Z or Ctrl Y for redo and undo on your android device.

Making sure you don’t loose your mistakenly wiped huge text, probably when typing message or note with your android device, then you need to achieve the option of redo and undo with a third party application called “Inputting+ App” which can help to redo and undo your typed text.

First thing to do, is to download this app, so that you can get started with the guide.
Now  Download Inputting+ Apk Android App by clicking Here.

After downloading, install it to your device and then follow the steps below to activate it in order for it to function on your device.

How To Use Inputting+ App
=> Grant the app permission in order for it to be installed on your device, you can do that through your phone settings.

=> Now, this Inputting+ app will be showing on your phone panel notification

Note: The Inputting app get activated at any moment you are about to type text, it also track the whole thing you are typing or editting at that very moment. One thing is sure about it, and that is, it doesn’t store all you are typing online, so that is to say, your security is guaranteed.

=> Finally, Make use of the arrow in the app, for your redo or undo whenever you mistakenly misplace words or clear texts. The application is compatible for all android device keyboard. That’s all for the guide, now, go ahead and enjoy using the functions.

You can now redo and undo  your text at any time and any day with inputting app, Comment and tell us how yours is functioning on your demvice.

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