Learn How to Enable Hibernation Mode on Windows 8 &10 Operating System

Have you been trying to hibernate in your present upgraded windows 8 and 10, as it used to be in the past, When you used to hibernate on windows 7, but this time, not working out for you. This very post will guide and see you through on that very aspect. Just as you used to  hibernate, if it were to be windows 7, same you will learn below

Hibernation works in this dimension, it helps to keep the status of any computer stored in the system’s hard drive instead of the temporary memory (RAM), which can lost the status of the programs running on background before the system goes off. But hibernation keeps the status on hard drive, and shut down the system in such a way that, when you touch the power button of your system, all that you were doing before the system went off, will continue from where they stopped without starting afresh.


First, nevigate to your system Control Panel and (Press on Windows + I for Windows 8)

Next, is for you to click on Power Options

From the list at the left hand, Click where you see “Choose what the Power buttons do”

   Click “ the change settings which  are currently unavailable” at the top of your screen.

   Now, what to do next is to Scroll down then “Shut down settings”, tab at the radio button, you can see that beside Hibernate

 At the bottom of your screen, Click where you see “Save changes”

To confirm if what you did was successful, just shut down your system and next is to check if the Hibernate button is in the list of options. If you check and find out that the hibernate button appears to be in the list of options, then have it that, the hibernation option was successfully activated on your Windows 8 & 10. That’s it, go ahead and enjoy the applied hibernation option on your personal computers


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