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How to Take a Baby Passport Photo at Home

An exhausting event like taking your baby’s photo for a visa or a passport may cause your ankles to tremble. Not to worry, there’s a bunch of tricks to help you get the best image suitable both for passport and visa applications. The post below will tell you just how exactly to do it.

5-Step Guide to Taking a Baby’s Passport Photo

Going to a photo service centre can be nerve wracking if your purpose is to take your child’s photo. The staff will rush you, won’t let you move around and chances are you will leave drained with no compliant image. 

It’s best to get a proof of ID for your child as soon as possible to avoid having future complications with authorities. Having the photos for it taken at home can be twice as fast, one just needs to know how.

Follow the guidelines to achieve the best infant document image:

  1. Place the child so their head is supported. Whether in a chair or a car-seat with a white blanket over it
  2. Distract them with toys or hand gestures to keep their eyes open and attention on you
  3. Use a good lightning source, natural light is fine too. As long as there’s no shadows casting over their face
  4. Position the camera right in front of your baby’s face. Either use a tripod or ask a spouse or a friend to assist you
  5. Make sure the baby’s face is upright

Once you’re all set with an image you find acceptable, you could go one of two ways. Take it to a professional to get it catered to your needs or use an online software to develop a perfectly compliant passport-size photo. The latter is faster and much cheaper, besides you get a 100% money back guarantee if the image isn’t accepted. 

The Basic Requirements of a Baby Passport Photo

The specifications for children’s photos are not much different from the adult ones:

  • The background has to be plain white or off-white
  • Eyes wide-open and facing the camera
  • The head facing straight, no tilting, positioned to take up the most space of the photo
  • The infant should be in the frame waist-high, line the image up for them to fit in correctly
  • Position your baby in front of a window during daytime and get the best lighting for your photos that will require the least editing 

How to Use an Online Software

Using online services is cost-effective and fast, one just needs to know what to do in order to get the correct image. The cost of the service at Visafoto is only $7 and it will leave you with one photo for digital submission and a template for printing. 

To receive a compliant photo, you should upload it to the system, choose the country you need the ID for from the drop-down list and wait while the software fits your image to the required specifications. No additional editing is necessary, as the online service takes care of all automatically. If you want further proof of compliance, you can use a verification tool to check it. 

How Online Software is Better than the Offline Alternatives?

There’s one major thing that makes the online process of getting the baby’s photo done so much more favorable. When using services of the offline photo centres such as Walgreens or the post offices, you are required to come with a spouse or take ID confirmation papers along with you. You may need to carry a baby’s birth certificate, social security card and your own valid IDs, proving your kinship.

It goes without saying that the online software exempts you from all that unnecessary paperwork and helps you get the desired result in mere moments.