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The Best Programs for Applying Virtual Makeup

Makeup is a necessary element of the image of most girls. Makeup can emphasize the natural beauty of the face, visually smooth the skin, hide minor flaws, or even dramatically transform the appearance. But you don’t have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to look good because you can apply makeup to your pictures.

Advantages of makeup applications

  1. You can save a lot of time and effort when you want to create the perfect look. Why sit in front of the mirror for hours when you can retouch your pictures in minutes?
  2. Predictable results. The familiar makeup can look completely different in photos, especially if the photo was taken under a bright or dim light, studio lamps.
  3. Variety. You can try on an unfamiliar look or even a few! They will all look great on social media.
  4. Additional functionality. Most of the relevant programs and services allow not only to apply shadows and change lipstick. The user can change the hairstyle or shape of eyebrows, even out skin tone and tighten the contours of the face.

The best programs for applying makeup

The best programs for applying makeup

  • RetouchMe. Using the makeup editor app RetouchMe, you can add a variety of effects to your photos, putting together your unique makeup. The program is available for Android and iOS and does not take up much memory space. But its main advantage is the individual processing of each photo. When the photo and the editing options are chosen, you send the image to the professionals of the service, and in 5–10 minutes you can share the result on a social network! In addition, if the built-in effects library is not enough, you can leave your wishes in a special field, and they will be taken into account during editing.
  • MakeupPlus. Another mobile application focused on editing selfies. Professional makeup artists took part in the development of the program, so the effects are laid down naturally, there is a large selection of shades for all elements of makeup. You can put on lipstick and shadow, remove or add glitter, change the shape of eyebrows, hair color, and lash length and even “get” freckles. In addition, users can watch video tutorials, recorded by makeup artists, which will be useful for creating real-life makeup. There is a separate order of beauty products that are easy to “try out” in virtual mode.
  • PhotoMASTER. A multifunctional photo editor designed for installation on your computer. The program automatically recognizes the face and body contours in the image, so changes are applied accurately enough, without the need to manually make strokes with a virtual brush. The photo editor offers a range of ready-to-use effects: with just one click, it is easy to apply a light tan, shadow, or blush, change the color of your lips, etc. You can also remove skin imperfections (areas of correction are chosen manually), correct facial features, and work on the contours.
  • Fotor. This is a service that can be used directly online. It is suitable if you do not want to download anything. It has an intuitive interface and a large database of ready-made effects. The result is of high quality and natural, but the place of imposition effects must be carefully chosen manually (the face is not recognized for automatic processing). The service is paid, but guests are available for a small trial.


As you can see, modern software allows anyone to thoroughly retouch a photo. You get the best results if you entrust the editing to a real expert rather than automatic modes. This is the principle on which RetouchMe is based.     Comprehensive transformation allows you to get a great result, even if you do not have retouching skills.

So why isn’t the almighty Photoshop represented in our rating? It is a really powerful program, but it does not have a separate makeup overlay function. Therefore, to get a decent result, you need to master the editing tools and spend a lot of time processing the image.