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How To Stop Automatic Play On Facebook Videos.

Facebook social media is growing so fast everyday by day. As people all over the world loves sharing many interesting things online to their family and friends. Some of the things being shared online are videos, and when shared, the video automatically play if you are online, and before you could know it, your data will run down if you don’t have much of it. Not that, you don’t like watching videos being sent to you. But  you prefer playing these videos by your self than when these videos are playing automatically by it self.

In some situations, when you don’t have enough data, you might plan on how to go about using and managing your data may be for a serious purpose and eventually, on facebook is where you want to actualise this purpose of yours or any other purposes you have. And as you login, you discover that, some videos you wouldn’t like to play, will play automatically without your notice and your data you aimed to use for another purpose will get exhausted. By then if one should come and look at your face, mehnn, you will be so angry at the person that uploaded it. Don’t worry because the solution is made simple and easy here for you.
This tutorial is based on how to stop such videos from playing automatically within a couple of minutes.

IF You Want To Stop Videos From Playing Automatically on Your Computer, For PC Users follow the below steps:

==>Step 1. Goto facebook and Log in to your facebook account.
 ==>Step 2. Look at the top right corner of facebook on your screen when you must have login and click and select settings.
==>Step 4. Now on the left menu just click Videos.

facebook Videos

==>Step 5. look critically, you will see Auto- play videos and next to it, is a dropdown menu, click on it and select off.
 That’s all for PC.

For Android Users, Use These Guide Below:
==>1. Login and goto the settings menu of your facebook Android app.

==>2. When you are in the Settings menu, you will see a link to your facebook profile page, friends, photos, events, pages you do manage and more of others.

==>3. Go down to where you see Help and Settings section and select the top entry you see:- App Settings.

Facebook app settings

==>4. Now under the General settings you will see Video Auto-play, just select it.

Facebook Video Auto-play settings

==>5. The video Auto- play gives 3 options:- On, Wi-Fi only and Off. Select off if you don’t want automatic play for videos on facebook. Now you can as well select Wi-Fi only if you don’t wish for video auto- play, because you don’t support going accross your tariff data allowance.

facebook wifi feature

 iphone and ipad Users follow below steps:
At first open your iphone or your ipad’s Settings menu and go down to where you will choose facebook. Now select settings and, look under video and choose Auto-play. Same 3 option we discussed on step 5 for android users which are selecting: On, WiFi only and Off are there. So select the one you want. And that’s all for that.