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How to save money with Corporate Armor

Corporate Armor is a customer service provider that offers quality IT solutions at discounted prices.

Corporate Armor takes the pain out of sourcing & buying your next IT product or project. Looking for an alternative to CDW? Try Corporate Armor

What is Corporate Armor?

Since 2011, Corporate Armor has been supplying businesses with affordable IT products throughout the US. They house software, hardware, and security tools to help businesses thrive without spending a fortune. The company offers you a quote based on your specific business needs and then guides you through a quick and easy shipment process. Customer associates are always available to assist with questions and concerns as well. 

Free Connect & Fix Software 

In addition to discounts, Corporate Armor also houses free software exclusively through the company. Free software for businesses just getting off the ground is a reliable solution to boost organization, business management, and communication— all while sticking to a budget! Some exclusive products include ISL products for Windows and Mac and independent features like in-session chatting and sharing my screen.

These elements are included in the supplier’s Connect & Fix option, the all-inclusive software that supports businesses with fundamental IT solutions. Rather than paying for alternatives like LogMeIn or Splashtop, Connect & Fix makes it possible to conduct business without spending a dime. You’ll be able to connect the service to your desktop, website, or corporate mobile phone at no cost at all to you. Additional features include screen recording, shortcuts, drawing tools, and file transfers. 

Discount Codes and Price Matching

Although the prices are already reduced, Corporate Armor often sells additional products at sale prices. For example, in their antivirus section, the E-set Endpoint Protection Advanced for 30 Users For 1 Year is listed at $812.25, down from $855.00. There are also additional codes you can use to purchase products for even cheaper. The site mentions a discount bar code to enter during checkout, and they even encourage users to call to match their best price. Coupons for Corporate Armor are also available via various websites, including 360coupons.com and couponbind.com. These sites can shave nearly 40% off your purchases through Corporate Armor. 

In addition to equipment and software, Corporate Armor sells computers at prices lower than your discount alternatives. You can take the pricing for a new laptop at Best Buy and have them match it or find it for cheaper so that you pay significantly less than the retail price. The store is also featured through Amazon and sells both new and used options, adding to the supplier’s convenience and affordability. You can even price match these reduced sale items from the supplier and still find cheaper options. 

This is like the discount department store of technology. Exceeding its competitors’ limitations, the supplier promises to price match and provide exclusive options for its customers. If you are a business looking for quality solutions at a fraction of the typical costs, this is the supplier for you.