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Want to Create an IoT System? Learn How to Choose a Technology Partner

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the crucial technologies behind digital transformation. The modern manager knows exactly how to leverage the ability of devices to communicate with each other in order to increase company productivity and explore new revenue streams. If you want to learn the benefits of implementing IoT solutions in your company – then keep reading.

Invest in the future – Internet of Things

According to McKinsey Digital, 127 new devices connect to the Internet every second. If the trend goes on, in 2030 the total number of networked devices will reach 50 billion. The growth rate of this market is tremendous, which is reflected in the way business owners and consumers act.

 According to IDC’s “Worldwide Quarterly Smart Home Device Tracker,” in Q3 2021 alone the global smart home device market increased by 10.3% (17.9% in Western Europe) when compared to the previous year. Smart products have become a permanent fixture in our homes, and customers are even anticipating the implementation of IoT solutions.

Investing in IoT is not only about increasing company profits substantially. It is also reduced production costs, greater innovation, and the ability to acquire and analyze data coming from smart devices.

A vital decision you need to make if you intend to implement IoT into your services or products is to find the right technology partner. One that will guide your company through the entire technology transformation process and deliver a top-notch product that meets the needs of your customers.

How do you choose a reliable technology partner for IoT?

 The market is brimming with offers to team up with you to implement IoT solutions in the products of various industries. There are 6 key aspects your decision should be based on to keep in mind though:

  1. Knowledge and experience in IoT of a given company
  2. Comprehensiveness of services provided
  3. Hardware and equipment – check whether the supplier is aware of what will work best for your product
  4. Software testing – in addition to creating software for IoT, will they properly test it?
  5. Infrastructure – can they prepare an architecture to analyze the data your devices will generate?
  6. Analytics – are they able to prepare data so that you can make swift business decisions based on it?

 The scope of cooperation always hinges on your needs and expectations. Check out the potential of one of the proven IoT solution providers.

IoT knowledge and experience

Expertise in IoT implementation is paramount. You need to be sure that your partner comes with the right team of professionals who have already proven themselves in this field time and time again.

Your needs regarding custom software development should be analyzed thoroughly and well-understood. That’s why it’s so essential for your potential partner to be flexible and well-acquainted with your business right from the start of the collaboration. Having said that, this reassures you that the investment is going to be seamlessly integrated into your current system and infrastructure.

Comprehensive IoT services 

Wondering how the process of implementing IoT solutions works? The company you will work with is tasked with developing the software, providing the appropriate hardware, and then testing both the software and the device to communicate with an application or database on a server or in the cloud.

 Solwit – software development company collaborated on the implementation of IoT into products such as, among others:

  1. smart swim goggles,
  2. smart, sleep-enhancing toys for children,
  3. smart soap and paper dispensers,
  4. PLCs for automation in facility management,
  5. Acoustic Event Detection (AED) – sound recognition system using audio analysis directly on the embedded device (on edge) – Solwit’s proprietary system.

Hardware & Equipment

You stand to require a potential partner to perform a comprehensive service. Developing the software isn’t only that – it’s also their job to bring you the right IoT hardware and components.

Due to the sensors integrated into the Internet of Things platforms, the hardware will work in combination with the software created. It is these that allow you to remotely control the device. You can also use the data coming from them for business analytics, and with the right interpretation, you can build a competitive advantage. 

Software Testing

Ensuring the cybersecurity of the IoT solutions created is crucial. If you want to get a top-quality end product out to your customers, it must pass in-depth software testing. The device should be functional and completely resistant to external attacks. The cyber security of your customers is top priority.


Only with the right infrastructure in place will you be able to harness the full potential of IoT. The right technology partner will integrate your organization’s existing systems and applications with IoT devices and provide cloud-based access.

The cloud is essential for IoT investments. Hence, it is also up to the partner to support the configuration of cloud services and their maintenance. The cloud service provider should tailor the product to your company’s processes.

Solwit’s team has extensive experience in migrating businesses to cloud solutions. Our engineers and architects will not only guide you through the entire process, but they will also show you how to extract valuable data to leverage for further growth.


The data you will receive through the implementation of IoT solutions will push your business to the next level. We will design clear dashboards for you, allowing you to analyze the real-time information flowing in. By processing it properly, you will make better forecasts, enhancing the effectiveness of your business decision-making.

If you aim to create an IoT device for everyday use, the system should be integrated with apps such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT. This way, your customers will control the devices remotely, for instance, through a mobile app or by voice.

Summing It Up

When choosing the right partner to create an IoT solution for your company, be sure to opt for a software house that takes a comprehensive approach. Since it is an extremely important decision, make sure that the company boasts the relevant experience, cooperates with proven hardware manufacturers, can test both the software and the entire device, and most importantly – that it has successfully developed such solutions before.

Today’s world calls more for companies to keep up with new technologies and not so much to meet customer demands as to anticipate and create them. We are well aware this can be quite a challenge. As a technology partner, we believe that every product and every business can be smart. Following this approach, we provide dedicated solutions for companies in various industries. We develop and test full IoT systems, starting with embedded software, backend and analytics, and ending with mobile or web applications. We put a strong emphasis on the security of solutions and their quality, striving to support you at every stage of product development along with its subsequent maintenance. – Piotr Wierski, Head of Test and Embedded BU, Solwit

Are you looking for a technology partner to co-develop or build a complete IoT-enabled product with you? Get in touch and arrange a free consultation on Solwit.com.