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Mobile USSD Transfer Codes For All Banks In Nigeria 2021

Best and Convenient transaction with USSD Transfer code for all banks in Nigeria, remains the fastest and easiest in banking processes. As this innovation has made transferring money and carrying out other services from the comfort of anywhere you are, so fast and easy.

Mobile Banking via ussd has made life easy for many customers in different banking organization. And banks seeing that the initial innovation were very reliable, they went ahead in achieving other various ways in which customers can bank with them without much complications. And such developments encompasses; ATM transactions, mobile banking, internet or online banking, mobile money and the very trend on point going about banking on mobile phone, the use of USSD on any device to transfer without going online or having any sort of internet connection.

To some persons, USSD might be sounding strange to their ear. Below is what it connote.

What Is A USSD Code?

USSD which signify or full meaning is (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology, that is used to send text between a mobile phone and an application program in the network. Applications may include prepaid roaming or mobile chatting.

A clear example for a USSD code is the number you use in recharging airtime/credit, also the one you use in checking your airtime account balance for either MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile (that is *556#, *555*pin# for MTN network) etc. So haven taken note of that. This post will introduce you to bank transfer ussd codes for sending money to someone or carrying out other essential services.

This very banking trend on codes started from GTbank when the introduced GTB *737# mobile banking and other banks seeing that it was nice, didn’t waste time in implementing such to their service. The service is now adopted by other several banks in Nigeria. Below are things to take note of:

Why You Should Transfer Money Using Banking Codes

  • It’s save and Secured
  • No stress; just dial the codes and follow the instruction voila.
  • Easy and convenient: you can use this to transfer money to a friend that is stranded. And your friend could actually do the same for you. Meaning it could be a life saver when stranded.

What you need to know About Banking Through USSD CODES

  • To transfer funds to a friend, using same bank as you or to other bank, all you have to do dial the code associated to your bank (will be given to you below) after which you follow the instructions there after.
  • You need to carryout this on the mobile phone number registered or associated to your bank account.
  • Some banks require registration after which they will generate a pin code for you, Before this service can be activated on your account and linked to your phone number.
  • Just like in most mobile app transfer, sending money on phone via ussd codes also have a daily, weekly limit but all depends on your bank.
  • This service is free to use. However, transfer charges may apply.

Other Bank Self-services through USSD Codes

This specified codes for different banks in Nigeria are not limited to only Transfer of money to others, but can be used for;

  • Recharge or topping up credit(airtime) to your mobile phone line for different networks such as MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile etc.
  • Buy or subscribe internet data bundles for Networks
  • Pay and Renew Cable TV plans such as DSTV, GOTV, MYTV, Startimes, etc.
  • Pay Bills (Sports & Gaming, travel $ logistics, Data & PayTV, Distributor payments, Electricity and other bills etc.)
  • Also to check your bank Account balance

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bank ussd transfer codes in Nigeria

USSD Code to Transfer Money in All Nigerian Banks 

Below is the list of banking code for sending/transferring money with just a dial on your handset.

First Bank USSD Transfer Code

Customers can use First bank USSD code to transfer money, pay bills both online and offline, withdraw money from account and make purchases.

  • To transfer money on First Bank in Nigeria, simply dial this code *894# on your phone and then follow the prompt.

Zenith Bank USSD Transfer Code

  • Note: With Zenith Bank’s 966 Mobile Banking code, you can open an account using your phone, transfer money to another bank account, load or recharge airtime, check your Zenith Bank Account Balance and many more added services.
  • To transfer Money on Zenith bank Nigeria, dial *966# or (*966*Amount*Account Number#)
  • To load or buy credit from your Zenith account to your phone, simply dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number#
  • To check your Zenith Bank account balance, dial *966*00# on your mobile phone.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) USSD Money Transfer Code

  • In order to initiate transfers to a GTBank account, simply dial *737# and follow the prompt OR
  • To directly transfer money, then follow this step by dialing this code with the following format *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# ( For example, if you want to transfer 2000, do it this way; *737*1*2000*0004673282# Remember, you are to carry out this transaction on the registered mobile number to your GTBank Account.
  • To transfer money from your GTBank Account to other Beneficiaries in other Banks, Simply dial this *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# (For example, if you want send #2000 to another customer from different bank then do it using this format of codes *737*2*2000*0002314567#. After that, you will be required to enter your GTBank Naira MasterCard last four digits in order to authenticate the transaction.

Note: This GTBank *737* code for transfer service done on mobile phone numbers is only available for GTBank registered customers. And the service offers a minimum transfer limit of N1,000 and a daily maximum transfer limit of N20,000 or More depends on how committed you are in using their platform in different transactions.

Diamond Bank USSD Transfer Code

For you to be able to use this service, you need to open a Diamond Bank Y’ello Account (DYA). So if you are searching for the latest method on how to open a Diamond Y’ello Account
(DYA) just follow this guide to achieve that.

Before then, for this DYA to be successful, you have to use MTN number, because the service was only initiated to work on MTN Nigeria due to the partnership between them and Diamond bank Nigeria.

  • Simply dial *710* on your MTN number inserted on your mobile phone,
  • Enter your FIRST NAME and MIDDLE NAME, just send it. Another pop up will display asking you to input your SURNAME, enter it and send.
  • Next enter your PIN and click on send.
  • That’s all, your Diamond savings Account will be created automatically and you will receive an SMS after that with your NUBAN Account Number and other necessary details.

To check your DYA account balance simply dial *710# and select 1 and send, from the displayed screen, select 2 and send again, next enter your pin to display the balance.

To check your NUBAN Account number, dial *710# > select Bank service which is 1 >> select manage acct by replying 6 > then select 2 to display the NUBAN Acct Number.

To buy credit/airtime from your Diamond Yello Account, dial *710# > select MTN service by typing 2 > from the on-screen select 1 or 2 to recharge your own number or another number not associated with your DYA respectively.

To withdraw/cash-out money from your DYA Account, visit any nearby Diamond branch and do so.

If you are using Diamond Bank, I recommend you to open a DYA account with them and enjoy most of their bonus and promo. You can also get a diamond yello loan from the bank when you play according to their loan terms and conditions. Ensure to secure your DYA pin, and In case you wish to deactivate or delete diamond yellow account, then dial the above code and select the option for that.

To fund your DYA account, just go to any nearby Diamond branch and load the account with money as you so wish.  Meanwhile, to transfer money from the account to another bank account then follow below steps:

  •  As a Diamond Bank Y’ello account holder, You can Transfer
    money to any bank by Dialing this code *710*777*ACCOUNT NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN#.
  • And for Diamond Y’ello to Diamond Y’ello Transfers, achieve that by Dialing this *710*710*PHONE NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN#.

Ecobank USSD Transfer Code IN Nigeria

If you are using Eco bank, they have got you covered, as you can do almost all transactions with their Mobile USSD Code directly from your smart phone. With Eco Bank Mobile USSD code, you can make an instant transfer, pay both online and offline bills, Buy airtime, Check your Account Balance, Read mini-statements and many more.

  1. To carry-out any of these transactions and more simply Dial *326# to get started.
  2. check your account balance on Eco Bank, dial *326*0#
  3. To buy airtime dial *326*Amount of airtime#

Fidelity Bank USSD transfer Code

  • To get your money transferred from Fidelity bank account to another bank account, dial *770# and then follow the prompt OR
  • Directly dial *770*NUBAN Account NO*Amount#;

Don’t be confused at this point, the NUBAN Account number happens to be the 10 digit account number issued by any bank For e.g; if you desire to make a transfer of N2000 to another customer from Access bank, then dial the code this way *770*2436167890*2000# As usual, this should be dialed on the phone number registered or to your Fidelity Bank account.

  • Then next, select the beneficiary bank Name (Access bank).
  • First bank
  • Access bank
  • Diamond bank
  • Eco bank etc
  • Now input your
  • Account transfer PIN to confirm the transaction.

Note: The recipient account number will first display to you before you can enter your pin. As this is to let you know whether you are sending the money to the right account number or not.

In case you have not used this Fidelity service before, you will be required to create one for yourself by dialing *770# then type in your NUBAN Account number (that is your Fidelity bank account number), and choose a 4-digit PIN for your account.

If you are running two accounts with Fidelity Bank, may be current and savings acct with same phone number associated to the both accounts, then have it that making any transfer from that mobile number will first debit the current account before the other savings account.

WEMA USSD Transfer Code

If you are banking with Wema Bank, they provided a quick
FUND TRANSFER service for all their customers. In other to use the service for fund transfer, dial *322# OR directly dial *322*035*NUBAN*AMOUNT#

Note: This Wema Quick Recharge Code can only be used on the phone number registered with your account number as their customer.

Unity Bank USSD Transfer Code

Transferring funds from Unity Bank USSD mobile banking is
secured, very fast and safe for all banking with them. You can transfer from Unity Bank to other banks without having issues of any sort.To carry-out transaction with your account registered at
Unity bank, Simply dial this code on your phone *389# or or directly dial *389*215#.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) USSD Money Transfer Code 

United Bank for Africa (UBA) USSD mobile banking is customized in such a way that it enables users carryout special transactions
and services. With UBA mobile banking USSD code, customers can securely recharge airtime, make a fast fund transfer,
submit or update Bank Verification Number (BVN) and many more…

  • To transfer funds from your UBA bank accounts to other bank accounts, simply dial this code *919#

Heritage USSD Transfer Code

Heritage Bank as the name implies makes other inherit and benefit from your own account. As you can recharge other people’s line and yours too with their official provided USSD codes. And this benefits goes to all networks in Nigeria, which are as follows; MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel etc. Not only that, you can still transfer funds, pay bills and so many more services with
the code.

  • Dial *322# and follow the prompt or
  • For Self-recharge Dial  – *322*030*AMOUNT#
  •  For Third Party Recharge Dial  – *322*030*PHONENUMBER*AMOUNT#
  •  To Transfer Money Dial – *322*030*ACCOUNTNUMBER*AMOUNT#
  •  For Bill Payment Dial  – *322*030*BILLER
    ID *AMOUNT#, (for e.g, if you want to pay for LCC, simply dial *322*030*1066*AMOUNT#

Skye Bank USSD Transfer Code 

Skye Bank USSD mobile banking offers you a wide range of self – service as a customer. With Skye bank USSD code, customers can perform transactions and operate right from your comfort zone without going to the bank for long queue. You can transfer funds to Skye bank accounts and to other customer’s accounts outside your bank, pay bills, check your account balance and many other valued services.

  • Skye bank ussd, Dial *833# 

Sterling Bank USSD Transfer Code

  • Sterling Bank USSD gives customers a better banking experience service. Their transfer code is *822# 

KeyStone USSD Money Transfer Code

Keystone Ussd code is *322# can be dialed on all phone types, and you can achieve your aim of  transferring fund to other accounts by dialing *322*082# or dial *805*082#. 
To register or opt-in:

  1. Here just Select the Keystone Bank
    2. Next is to Input Your NUBAN Account Number
    3. Type in any 4 digit number you can easily recall when needed as the m-Pin
    4. Finally, confirm the m-Pin you entered above.

Note: customers are required to visit any nearby Keystone Bank branch in order to activate full/transfer access.

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) USSD Transfer Code 

For FCMB mobile banking service, just dial this code *389# Or *389*214# on the SIM you registered the service with and you will get to see;  FCMB Welcome Message with the following options:

  1. Activate with card
  2. Activate with Account
  3. Activate with Mwallet

Now reply with 2 and then send Next, input your account number. You can call FCMB Contact Centre on this number 01-2798800 or visit any of their branch to generate your PIN.

When you must have gotten your PIN, simply dial on your phone this code *389*214# and then click on Security, choose Change PIN in order to type in your default PIN, after that, type in your new four digits PIN when you are prompted to do so.

From now, you can dial *389*214# for regular access to FCMB Mobile service. That’s all for FCMB offline banking.

Union Bank Transfer Code

Customers can Transfer Money To Union Bank Accounts through the following measures; To make deposit or send fund to fellow Union bank account, dial *826*1*amount*account number# example:

Previous post before the new update above: As it stands now, Union Bank has only one feature for their customers, and the feature happens to be “checking of Account balance” which works through sending an SMS on a mobile phone.

According to them, they said currently, they are working on introducing other features like buying of airtime, transfer of funds, viewing of transaction history, etc all through mobile phone

To check your account balance on Union Bank via an SMS, just text Bal to this short number 20123. Note: it should be on the phone number associated or registered to your Union Bank Account.

Also, you can still continue using Quickteller to transfer money to various bank accounts in Nigeria just with the use of your mobile phone or account number. It is a good and better alternative to online banking platform.

This Quickteller also enables you to transfer money/fund from your own account to other various banks in Nigeria provided you have been issued either a vervecard or Mastercard VISA ATM card.

For more bank services like; how to open a domiciliary account in Nigeria that receives raw foreign currencies like Dollar, Euro etc and how to transfer or withdraw money/funds from a domiciliary account, just click the link above for more updated details. meanwhile below is a summary of Bank transfer code services.

bank transfer codes

All Bank Transfer Codes in 2020

  1. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) *737#
  2. Fidelity Bank, d*770#
  3. First Bank *894#
  4. Sterling Bank *822#
  5. Skye Bank *389#
  6. United Bank for Africa (UBA) *389#
  7. EcoBank *326#
  8. Zenith Bank *966#
  9. Stanbic Bank *909#
  10. Wema Bank *322#
  11. Diamond Bank *302#
  12. Diamond Yello Account *710#
  13. Unity Bank *322#
  14. Heritage Bank *322#
  15. Access Bank Bank *901#
  16. Union bank *826#

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