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How To Format Or Hard Reset All Tecno Android Smartphones With Simplified Steps

Have you been experiencing any problem on your smart Tecno mobile phones without having a lasting solution till this day? Is your phone always facing issues ike having your application shut down by it self without you closing it, system error, incorrect settings, glitches, malware attack, virus, system update failure etc then believe me, this guide/ tutorial is meant for you. By formatting your device, those errors which you get on your tecno phones won’t surface again. Howerever, formatting the device can help resolve most of these problems disturbing your device, thereby restoring the phone to factory settings (default).

Factory settings helps in clearing most of the data in a device, data such as messages, contacts, media files, applications and many other related files of the smartphone. Before embarking on formatting your device, it is advisable to backup your device inoder not to loose your files, Am gonna show you how to go about that too.

The guide is for all tecno android devices which includes, Tecno Q1, Tecno S7, Tecno P9, Tecno M9, Tecno H5, Tecno N9, Tecno D3, Tecno D5, Tecno F7, Tecno M3, Tecno S3, Tecno P5, Tecno L3, Tecno M5, Tecno M7, Tecno H7, Tecno M6, Tecno R7, Tecno N7, Tecno M9 (A3), Tecno L6, Tecno F5, Tecno G9, Tecno Boom J7, Tecno Phantom Z (A7), Tecno Camon C5, Camon C8, Boom J5, Phantom 5, Tecno i3, i5, i7 with Pro versions and many more of tecno mobile products.

How To Fully Backup Any Tecno Mobile device?

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Am gonna be showing you methods in which you can backup your files and restore them when needed.

The first method has to do with computer/PC, Using PC to backup your files and contacts from any android device, there are some application that helps you in caring out such task. App like MobileGo does that for you, with MobileGo, goto DCIM folder and copy all files, or you can do that automatically with any backup app you know.

Now, to backup your settings on your android device, Google backup can do that perfectly for you. Just head to your settings using your Android phone, then goto >> Personal >> Backup and Reset, and then choose both backup my data and automatic restore. After that, go back to Settings >> Personal >> Account & Sync >> From there select your Google account, and then check all boxes and make sure that all available data are synchronized.

How To Format Or Hard Reset All Tecno Android Phones In A Simple Step
Here we are making use of two methods to restore your tecno device to factory settings. Just follow the guide below

First Method
Using Factory Reset
>> First thing to do, navigate to your phone Settings from menu display
>> Backup your tecno device with “Backup and reset” in order to save your files from deleting. See how to do that above.

>> Next, click on “ Factory Data Reset ” right from your phone settings
>> Then tap “ Reset Phone
That’s all for the first method using Factory reset.

Second Method 
Using recovery mode

Note: Ensure that you have about 40 to 50% of battery power before involving in using this particular guide.

>> First thing to do in this method is to power off your Tecno device (switch off first)

>> Next, press and hold together Volume Up + Home button + Power button
>> After that, the phone will boot showing you the recovery view of the tecno device with some few options.
>>Then Use the Volume buttons to select “ wipe data or factory reset ” from the HTC recovery screen display
>>Now confirm that by clicking ok with “power button” Now the process of cleaning and recovery should start, just wait for few minutes for it to finish its task. When it is done wiping the phone’s virus, it will boot by it self. That’s all enjoy…

Note: The above guide also work on other mobile devices apart from tecno devices. So it implies that other users of android devices can as well make use of the above guide to reset factory settings of a mobile device.