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How To Change Your Android Phone Imei For Free Browsing With Mobile Uncle App.

What is changing of a phone imei?
Changing of your phone or Android imei simply means the act of changing your phone imei to another phone imei for the sole purpose of getting free megabytes or for any other purpose different from getting free browsing.

After my simplified tutorial on changing of imei, i believe when i should post another free browsing relating to change of imei, nobody will complain of not knowing how to change his or her phone imei.

So to have it, changing of imei has been the easiest and the best method for getting of free browsing with Android phones, just take note of that. And The method does not involves laptop/Pc rather only requires an application known as “Mobile Uncle” and your Android phone which you desires to change its imei to either Blackberry or any other mobile device (imei) you so wish to change.

How Can I Change My Android Imei With Mobile Uncle App?

The steps and procedures will answer that question above, now let’s see the simplified tutorial on imei change for Android devices below:

==>Step 1. You have to get your Android phone rooted first.
If not rooted check here for a universal root for it with.Kingroot

==>Step 2. Next is to download the mobile uncle application  Here

mobile uncle application

==>Step 3. After your downloading, install the app and open it up.

==>Step 4. Click on Engineer mode (MTK) or you will see MTK settings, whichever one click on it.

MTK settings

==>Step 5. Depending on some android device you either Swipe to the right and select CDS Information or you just see it there without swiping, just click it.

==>Step 6. Select and click on Radio Information.

==>Step 7. You will see (Phone 1) which represent your (sim 1) and (Phone 2) which also represent (sim 2). Just click on (Phone 2) and you will surely see a command line which is like this (AT+ ) but not in bracket like i represented it hear, it is just to specify it clearly for you.

Android Radio Information settings

==>Step 8. Add this command line EGMR= 1, 10,”with 15 digit imei number you generated with imei analyzer” and then tap SEND AT COMMAND. For example, if your motive is to change that of (SIM 1) then the command ought to look exactly like this AT+EGMR=1,7″the imei number you generated” While that of (Sim 2) should also look like this
AT+EGMR= 1,10″the imei number you generated”
Make sure the imei is in between this “” example “imei here”

==>Step 9. That’s all and you are done. Now off or Reboot your Android phone and you are good to go. To check or confirm if you really changed the imei just dial this code *#06# on your Android phone and the imei will display for you, then you now know that it was successfully changed.

Phone imei number

Android serial number

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As of the time you are changing your imei, if you get a response that is like this (command is not allowed in user build or AT Command not sent) After you must have click on (COMMAND), instead of getting the normal response (AT command sent or command is smart). Now to avoid such error just add one space between AT+ and EGMR. which should be AT+ (space) EGMR Or you can go with the option of copying and pasting this:- (AT+EGMR=1,7″the imei number here”) REMOVE the brackets and also imei number and replace with your own imei you generated for the phone at that moment and you will smile to your self for being a genius to that.

Android AT command settings