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Hacking Twitter Celebrities Within 10 minutes: Security company Warns

The security firm Insinia Security, which warned authorities about Twitter’s security problems several years ago, hijacked some of the celebrity performers such as Immun Holmes, a television host and British documentary maker Louie Trove during a Twitter action. Following the hacking of their Twitter account, the British Institute showed the following message on their personal page:

twitter security measures

This account is temporarily stolen by Insinia Security.

Insico Security CEO Mike Godfrey has done this because he warns people of the security risks of using messengers such as Twitter to authenticate. As we said earlier, Mike Gadfree has repeatedly warned Twitter officials about the security issues of this social network several times over the past few years, but Twitter officials have not paid any attention to this issue. Now the company believes that people have the right to be aware of the security problems that large companies like Twitter make for their users.

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Interestingly, according to Mike Godfrey, hacking a Twitter page for each of these celebrities only took 10 minutes. It seems that the security experts of the security company have deceived the Twitter verification system so that they recognize Twitter as the primary user. Of course, the uncertain issue that Godfrey describes about is how they get their phone numbers.

Twitter has long been a space for the publication of political news, now hacking Twitter accounts, in addition to compromising user information, allows you to publish false news, inappropriate content, and more.

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Eventually, the security company has advised users to use a special number to confirm the two-tier identity on Twitter, and not to give this number anonymous.