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Glo Launches Another Gigantic Data Plan…Don’t Miss Out

Glo is doing their best when it comes to upgrading data. Time shall come when data of 3GB will be subscribed with N300 only, who can tell why? Hey is just because, everyone wants to serve and attract more customers to themselves. The competition amongst the four major telecoms in Nigeria which are; MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat on data and other services, can be used to testify about that… I am patiently waiting when it will be announced that 3gb is now N300, I will immediately shout hurray!! once that comes to pass, lols. I don’t know about you oh.
Glo Data Plan

By now, you all must have seen or heard about the previous upgrade made by glo on topping 1GB to 1.2GB for just N1000 which the duration was one month. Now, some weeks ago, another topping was made which appear to be a surprise package to all glo subscribers.

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Now, instead of 1.2GB for N1000, it will now be 1.5GB for N1000. The duration of the data is one month (30 days) Remember, it works on all devices be it Android, iphone, nokia, bb etc

How To Subcribe This Package;
Insert your glo sim on your phone and dial this code *777# after that, a pop up will appear > Select data service >> buy data >>> monthly data. That’s all.

Now, your data should be smiling at you..
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